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%COSMICALLY APPROVED PATTERNS DOMINATION SYSTEMS 050321 %GOD'S HISTORY WILL INTENTION PLAN PREDESTINATION 050321 %FORCE HEAVENLY ARMIES ANGELS COERCIONS PATHS WAYS 050321 %IRRESISTIBLE POWER CONCENTRATION CORRUPTION GANGS 050321 %HEAVEN ABOVE HELL BELOW PARALLEL UNIVERSE CONNECT 050321 %YIELD SUBMIT RIGHTEOUS COMMAND PROSCRIBE CONFORM 050321 Is there a Cosmically-Approved Pattern-of-Domination? Are there Forces-of-History, Forces-of-God's-Will, Armies-of-Divine-Angels, Forces-of-Predestination, Cosmic-Forces, OR other Cosmic-Realities which it is futile to oppose --- because they are Truly-Dominant with GOD's or the Cosmos' Approval? Are the Cosmic-Forms-of-Domination Echoes-of-Earthly- Forms; or are the Earthly-Forms-of-Domination just Echoes-of-Heavenly-Forms-of-Domination? Which came first? Does The-Cosmos demand that we Speak-and-Think in some Uniquely-Approved Cosmic-Theological-Language-of-God? Are there Echoes-in-Heaven of our Earthly-Domination- System, Domineering-Political-Leaders, Domineering- Religious-Leaders, Domineering-Technocratic-Leaders, etc? Can Creative-Individuals, Liberated-Thinkers, and/or True-Lovers Truly-Make-Any-Difference in the face of superior realities? Do Domineering-People have Blessings-of-the-Cosmos? Do Domineering-People have Blessings-of-God? What do the Root-Teachings of the Primary-Founders of the World's-Greatest-Religions suggest are the appropriate ways of responding to the above kinds of questions? What do the Teachings of Domineering-Followers of the World's-Greatest-Religions suggest are the appropriate ways of responding to the above kinds of questions? Are there any contrasts between the Teachings of Domineering-FOLLOWERS of the World's-Greatest-Religions and the Root-Teachings of the PRIMARY-FOUNDERS of the World's-Greatest-Religions? Why? What are the False-Assumptions, False-Attitudes, False-Spirits, False-Technologies, and Dominant-Methods of those who have Perverted-Gracious-Ways into Collusive-Ways --- which are Profitable-to-a-Few supporters of Distributive-Injustice? What do their actions say to observers of them? (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================