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%UNDERSTAND FULL SPECTRUM MOTIVATION POSSIBILITIES 050320 %DOMINATION SYSTEM MEANS SECURITY INVULNERABLE GOOD 050320 %POVERTY IGNORANCE PREJUDICE POWER CONCENTRATE RICH 050320 %WEALTH COALITION DISHONEST ARROGANCE CONTROL FEARS 050320 %VIOLENCE PREJUDICE SEXUAL ABUSE DISINTEGRATE LAWS 050320 %PEOPLE COMMUNITIES SANCTUARY REVERENCE WORSHIP GOD 050320 It is important to understand the full-spectrum of motivations-of-domineering people includes most, if not all, of the following as means to Security-Through- Invulnerability: 1. Dishonesty, Arrogance, Controls, Violence, Fear, Vulnerability, Poverty, Ignorance, Prejudices, Power-Concentrations, Wealth-Concentrations, Sexual-Abuse, Disintegrative-Laws, Police-Force, Suspensions-of-Due-Process, Capitalism-Force, Suspensions-of-Distributive-Justice, Guns, Bombs, Mutually-Assured-Nuclear-Destruction, Nuclear- Winter, Electromagnetic-Pulses-from-Space-WMDs, Terror, Official-Threats-of-Terrorist-Actions, Unofficial-Treats-of-Terrorist-Actions, Repressions-of-Intimacies-and-Sex, Repressions- of-Friendships, Invasions-of-True-Sanctuaries, Abridgments-of-Privacy, Infiltrations-of-Places- of-Worship. 2. ABSOLUTE-LOYALTY to: One-King, One-Queen, One- Right-Pattern-of-Human-God-Talk, One-Right- Theology, One-Right-Doctrine, One-Right-Church, One-True-Fellowship, One-In-Group, One-Gang, One- Exclusive-Club, One-Superior-Nation, One- Dominant-Empire, One-Absolute-Truth, One- Ultimate-Concern imposed upon all beings: SECURITY-THROUGH-INVULNERABILITY for the few; paid for by the many. 3. It is important to fully understand that the later considerations are NOT UTILITARIAN CONSIDERATIONS which are dictated by their serving a higher cause which transcends the latter considerations. The latter-considerations are ultimate, primary, GOD-ALMIGHTY. Because of them no utilitarian questions may be asked. No questions may be asked about: Coherence, Consistency, Integrity, Dialogue, Listening, Experiences, Differences, Creativity, Balance, Mutuality, Justice, Meditation, Sex, Intimacy, Friendships, Privacy, Rights, The-Nature-of-Evil or The-Nature-of-Alienative-Relationships. 4. None of the above kinds of questions may be treated in any way that suggests that they have any merit. They are TABOO! 5. There is a near total scarcity of rewards. The few that are available will be given with caution to the few who are ABSOLUTELY LOYAL. Those who have not been ABSOLUTELY LOYAL will spend eternity in HELL which is so terrible it cannot be described in any proper/polite orderly place. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================