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%ABSOLUTE TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS CONFORMITY PROPER 050316 %PROOF LOGIC REASON SCIENCE EXPERIMENTAL KNOWLEDGE 050316 %DEMONSTRATE INCARNATIONS COHERENCE AUTHENTIC IT 050316 %GRACE HOLY SACRED THOU INTIMACY SEXUALITY DEVILS 050316 %TEMPTATION CONSIDERATION DREAM VISION ANTICIPATED 050316 %DESCRIBE NATURAL CAUSE EFFECT RELATION RECONCILED 050316 TRUTH is not a MANufactured product. TRUTH is not for-sale. Within healthy personal relationships we may give each other witness to the complementary truths we discern within our relationships; within our own contexts. All complementary-truths are discerned; and giving meaning and significance; within the contexts of our own personal relationships. Outside of the contexts of our personal relationships TRUTH has no meaning and no significance. How could it be otherwise? No text and no scripture has meaning or significance outside of the context of readers, hearers, and witnesses of incarnations of the text and/or scripture. Texts and scriptures are given meaning and significance by readers, hearers, and witnesses of incarnations of the texts and scriptures. Apart from the readers, hearers and witnesses; they have no meaning or significance. Texts and scriptures are not IDEAL-FORMS which exist meaningfully in some abstract, spiritual, or IDEAL-REALM. In the absence of readers, hearers and witnesses; how can their meaning or significance be proven. Proven to whom? Sold to whom? Bought by whom? (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================