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%INSISTENT ENDLESS CALLS DUTIES BATTLE FIGHT ATTACK 050312 %PERSISTENT TRADITION REFLEX ACTION MEDITATION LOVE 050312 %THOUGHTLESS REASONS LOGIC MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTROY 050312 %MINDLESS INSENSITIVE INDIFFERENCE HOPELESS VIOLENT 050312 %GLOBAL VILLAGE SPACESHIP EARTH MEANING FULFILLMENT 050312 %CAUTIOUS PRUDENCE WISDOM KNOWLEDGE WHO DEVIL FALLS 050312 The more we live in a contentious-and-connected Global-Village --- the more likely it is that we will be enveloped in "Calls-To-Battle". All around us there may be Action-Oriented-People who Find-Meaning in Calling-Us- To-Find-Meaning by responding to "Calls-To-Battle". We need to be cautious about finding our meaning only in "Calls-To-Battle". If we are not cautious we may get sucked into destructive/disintegrative battles wherein we cannot truly find meaning. Where can we truly find meaning, hope and significance? 1. In battles, conflicts, contentiousness and wars? 2. In integrative intimate relationships? 3. In winning at other weaker people's expense? 4. In healing relationships with weaker/poorer people? 5. In being dominant and in control of others? 6. In building sanctuary-communities for integrities? 7. In keeping busy and insensitive to pains and hurts? 8. In prayerful-meditation and honest-systems-analysis? 9. In efforts to concentrate powers and wealth for us? 10. In transcending our fears of healthy-vulnerability? Beware of insistently misleading "Calls-To-Battle" which leave no time and no room for: 1. Relaxation, meditation, prayer or creative-work. 2. Evaluating alternatives to "Calls-To-Battle". 3. Noting the dis-eased context of "Calls-To-Battle". 4. Envisioning possibilities for peaceful-cooperation. 5. Laying foundations for true-peace-making in Love. 6. Thinking Outside-The-Box of Always-Being-Contentious. 7. Integrations of differing-peoples-and-ideologies. 8. Stopping to evaluate the fruits of different paths. 9. Speaking truth to Concentrated-Powers-That-Be. 10. Transcending: Addictions, Codependence & Collusions. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================