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%SMALL LARGE GROUPS INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS SEXUAL 050303 %COMPLEXITY SIMPLICITY ISOLATION COMMUNAL FAMILY 050303 %KNOW SELF OTHER APPEAR WISH WANT DESIRE HOPE DREAM 050303 %FANTASY VISION OPEN HONEST MUTUAL DESIRES EXPECTED 050303 %DEMAND COMMAND CONTROL VIOLATE COERCE ABUSE USED 050303 %RAPE PRETEND ARROGANT HUMILITY KINDNESS GRACE LOVE 050303 Difficulties within "Intimate-Relationships" within/among a group of Domineering-People --- increase rapidly as the size of the group increases because: 1. For "one" the relationship is unitary. (?) 2. For "two-in-isolation" the two need to deal only with who each: knows them self to be. (?) knows the other to be. (?) thinks they are, and wishes they were. thinks the other is, and wishes they were. thinks they can appear to be dishonestly. thinks they other is appearing to be dishonestly. wishes that the other were-in-fact. thinks the other wishes they were-in-fact. wishes the other would wish that they were. wishes that the other would think that they were. 3. For "three-in-isolation" there are three-pairs as above; with the added complications that each of the three-individuals inevitably regards each of the three-pairs as additional-realities to be dealt with; and all the relationships-between pairs and individuals are additional realities --- with envy, jealousy, anxiety, fear, greed, covetousness, etc. bringing additional complications. 4. For "four-in-isolation" the complications become too extensive to even try to describe in a short essay. Enough-for-here! If the-group is not "in-isolation" then there are many-complications due to their parents, relatives, friends, etc. who are not indifferent to their intimate relationships; especially if there are hints/realities of private intimacies which might be sexual. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================