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%OUR FOCUS PRIORITY PRIME DIRECTIVE DOMINATION GODS 050301 %DEFENSIVE REDEMPTIVE VIOLENCE CONTROLS KNOWLEDGE 050301 %MANIPULATIVE SCIENCE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES 050301 %SYSTEMS ANALYSIS WEAPONS MUTUAL ASSURE DESTRUCTION 050301 %NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE PEACEMAKERS CONFLICT RESOLVE 050301 %JESUS CHRISTIANS GHANDI NELSON MARTIN LUTHER KINGS 050301 OUR-PRIME-DIRECTIVE of OUR-DOMINATION-SYSTEM is ---- "ALL-DEFEND OUR COLLUSIVE-GAMES-OF-MUTUAL-SELF-DECEPTION"; WITHOUT-EXCEPTION WITHIN ALL TIME-SPACE-AND-KNOWLEDGE. The prime-motivation of God-as-Love in-contrast is: help-each-other transcend/subvert yOUR-PRIME-DIRECTIVE; always-love-LOVE and always-love-ALL-your-neighbors-as- your-self. OUR-PRIME-DIRECTIVE of OUR-DOMINATION-SYSTEM is ---- "DON'T-DARE-LET-OUR-VIOLENT-DEFENSES-DOWN or FALL in SIN. "DON'T-DARE-LET-ANY-OTHER-LET-DEFENSES-DOWN OR FALL IN SIN which is: letting-go of ANY-OF-OUR-VIOLENT-DEFENSES. THE-FALL is any-failure to-keep integrity-violating- defenses all-the-way UP. THE-FALL is any-failure to-focus on moving toward the center-of-OUR-earth --- by trying to LET-GO-OF-OUR- DEFENSES which keep-us-moving safely-together toward the CENTER-OF-OUR-EARTH --- toward HELL where God-as-Love IS- SAFELY-ABSENT --- because TOGETHER we have BANNED-ALL- TRUE-LOVERS from OUR-CLUB-HOUSE --- SPACE-SHIP-EARTH. WE MUST MAKE SURE THAT NONE OF US LET-GO OF OUR- PRIME-DIRECTIVE TO CLING-TO-OUR-VIOLENCE for our-life. No-one-dare-to-question OUR-PRIME-DIRECTIVE to cling- to-our-violence as the true-way-to-live-fully in SELF-de- FENCE. Build-de-FENCEs. Don't you dare take-down or let- down de-FENCEs! Salvation resides in de-FENCEs which keep us safely apart -- safely outside-of truly-intimate and/or honestly- sexual aspects-of relationships of: friendship, neighborliness, cooperation, collaboration, romance, intimacy, and LOVE. LOVE has been safely-banished from OUR-CLUB-HOUSE at the center of OUR-EXCLUSIVE-SPACE-SHIP-EARTH traveling blindly through the utterly-cold realms of OUR inner- spaces --- in the absence of the risky-aspects of TRUE: LOVE, INTIMACY, FRIENDSHIPS, SEXUALITY, ETC. TO LET-GO-OF-OUR-INVULNERABILITY is ultimately-risky and dangerous; we might drift-off up-into-heaven --- out- of-our-REALM-OF-CONTROL! SAFE-IN-HELL! SHALOM! (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================