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%SMOOTH TRANSITIONS BETWEEN CONDITIONS DYNAMIC WAY 050207 %PATHS PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY COHERENCE RIGHTS 050207 %ISOLATED ALIENATED EXCOMMUNICATED INDIVIDUAL LOVER 050207 %TRUTHS ABSOLUTE TRUE OBJECTIVE REFLEXIVE OBJECTIVE 050207 %LITERAL POEMS SCIENTISTS DOGMATISTS MUSIC SONG GOD 050207 %ABSOLUTE POWER DOMINATION CONTROL COMMAND SCRIPTS 050207 In the absence of any true-community with-integrity; isolated-individuals are all-on-their-own, alone; "secure" only in their possessions and ability to fend-for- themselves in search of invulnerability. Individuals concentrate upon unilaterally accumulating: possessions, wealth, influence, power, achievements, etc. --- and thereby undermine the possibilities for the growth of true communities with integrity. In the absence of gracious personal honesty and integrity on the part of individual leaders; communities fail to cooperate graciously in working to protect the health, coherence, unity, and integrity of the community as a whole reality --- which transcends-and-defends the integrities and integrations of its weakest and most vulnerable members. Domineering gangs, mobs, cliques, casts, and isolated political/religious groups concentrate upon accumulating: possessions, wealth, influence, power, achievements, etc. --- which undermine the possibilities of the growth of the wider community and ALL of its members as regards: integrity, openness, honesty, coherence, mutuality and balance. There is a constant dynamic interplay among the diverse/interdependent aspects of personal and communal integrity, health, trust, risk, honesty, openness, security, vulnerability, etc. Imbalance anywhere among interdependent aspects --- leads to imbalance elsewhere among the interdependent parts and aspects. Only short term, there is overall stability. Static-stability is not enduring. Rigidity is not enduring, because it is brittle and prone to crack under stress. In a changing environment --- rigidity does not lead to stability, but to brittleness, cracks and catastrophes. We need to study CATASTROPHY-THEORY to understand the possibilities of finding smooth transition paths/ways from one condition of dynamic-stability to other possible-conditions of dynamic-stability --- as our environment changes for reasons within or beyond our control; within or outside of our local community. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================