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%UNHEALTHY VARIETY WAYS LEVELS BONDAGE BONDING SEX 050206 %CAPITALISTIC ECONOMY POWER WEALTH CONCENTRATIONS 050206 %CORPORATIONS PERSONS RIGHTS RITES RITUALS DOCTRINE 050206 %SLAVE OWNER BOUGHT PURCHASED MASTER DICTATOR TRUE 050206 %DESCRIPTION PERCEPTION PERSPECTIVE MUTUAL UTILITY 050206 %ADDICTION CODEPENDENCE COLLUSION GAMES PEOPLE PLAY 050206 Human bonding/bondage can exist in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels --- in various combinations: 1. Sold-slave bonded to a master who purchased the slave in a unilateral way. 2. Endentured servant willingly serving a master (or credit card companies) under a "mutual" contract of mutual utilitarian convenience; formal to informal, overt to tacit/covert. 3. A marriage of political/personal mutual-advantage and/or convenience; with or without sexual/intimate relationships. 4. Bonding via the telling of many personal and/or intimate stories; and/or the sharing of many personal and/or intimate adventures. 5. Bonding via being cast into a situation of mutual isolation and dependency --- by accident, natural- catastrophe, human-catastrophe, terrorism, war, revolution, rebellion, etc. where there was no initial personal intent to become bonded. 6. Bonding through intentional mutual courtship into progressively deeper levels of intimacy of various kinds and/or combinations --- with explicit and/or implicit levels of interdependency, dependency, codependency, addiction, contractual-expectations, communal expectations, etc. 7. Bonding through a shared integrative faith- journey or some disintegrative religious-cult experience. There are healthy and unhealthy aspects present in the above diverse forms of bonding/bondage. We need to recognize, acknowledge, and deal openly and honestly with both the healthy and unhealthy aspects present in our diverse forms of bonding/bondage --- regardless of how and why the bonding/bondage has developed/evolved. Otherwise we are stuck in unhealthy bondage from which we cannot escape. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================