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%REVELATIONS ABOUT FEARFUL ANXIOUS DOMINEERING GODS 050127 %SELF OTHER RELATIONSHIPS COLLUSIONS CONSPIRACIES 050127 %FALSE PROPHETS RELIGIONS CULTS EXTREMISTS TERRORS 050127 %INVULNERABILITY INSECURITY FORTRESS MENTALITY LOVE 050127 %SEXUAL INTIMACY RISKS MANAGEMENT TEMPTATION TRUE 050127 %ACCEPTANCE SANCTUARY HELL HEAVEN INTEGRITY SHALOM 050127 The following is written to encourage independent thinking; not to guide thoughtless simpletons and fools. Be aware and beware! The following is complex, not simple. Beware of people who presume to over-simplify the issues addressed below. Seek to discern their motives! On individual lines below note the ways in which words on each line are related to each other; suggesting a theme within each line. The words are not in any usual sense just synonyms and/or antonyms. Many fearful-people try to avoid revealing much about themselves; yet even fearful-people reveal much about themselves by just what it is that they: Tolerate, ignore, forget, neglect, reject, exclude; Hide, conceal, repress, suppress, ridicule, denigrate; Deny, obscure, confuse, conceal, distort, misrepresent; Fragment, polarize, analyze, destroy, over-simplify; Avoid, banish, reject, excommunicate, fear, attack, shun; Oppose, sabotage, subvert, undermine, sacrifice, lose; Hoard, clutch, accumulate, take, steal, own, have; Prevent, proscribe, prohibit, forbid, disapprove, taboo; Prescribe, permit, allow, approve, validate, defend; Adore, admire, covet, desire, accumulate, get, control; Coerce, violate, manage, engineer, force, write, convert; Accept, revere, worship, idolize, honor, support, love; Integrate, welcome, give, share, profess, read, teach; Conspire, collude, concentrate, pretend, contend, preach; Recite, ritualize, conform-to, commend, encourage; Elicit, encourage, model, discourage, bond-with, banish. Beware of domineering people who offer to rescue you from the complexity of thinking clearly about the issues which are present in the above presentation. You may not want the challenge of and responsibility for thinking clearly about the issues hinted at above; and there are many domineering people who are eager to free you of that challenge and responsibility --- so that they can dominate and control you for their own capitalistic advantage. The seller, as well as the buyer, should be aware and beware! Beware of the assumptions that: Word meanings are independent of their contexts. Word meanings are defined by their contexts. Words above on a line all mean almost the same thing. The allusions of a word are relatively unimportant. Private associations with a word are unimportant. Strings of words can contain certain truths. ABSOLUTE TRUTH can be contained by some words. Words cannot point toward complementary truths. Partial truths cannot be complementary/real. Some words should be worshipped/revered. Some commandments should be worshipped/revered. Some book should be worshipped/revered. Words can define and/or contain ideal-forms. All good commandments come in the forms of words. Words can be trusted to convey all helpful truths. Printed words are most worthy of trust and reverence. All revelations can be contained within words. God works only through HIS words, nothing else. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================