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%ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS SIGNS ASPECTS DESENSITIZE 041222 %INDIFFERENCE POWERFUL WEALTHY ABSENCE DISTRIBUTIVE 041222 %JUSTICE FAIRNESS HUMILITY CIVILITY HOSPITALITY GOD 041222 %HONESTY GENEROSITY BALANCE MUTUALITY COOPERATION 041222 %COLLABORATION HOPE JOY TOLERANT KIND GENTLE REVERE 041222 %CONSUMPTION CAPITALISM ENOUGH MORE CONCENTRATIONS 041222 It has been noted that "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." What are the signs/aspects of "corruption". The following are suggestive: 1. DESENSITIZATION of the powerful to the plight of the powerless, weak, vulnerable, thirsty, hungry, naked, homeless, ignorant, mentally-ill, etc. 2. INDIFFERENCE of the powerful and wealthy toward the absence of distributive-justice. 3. INDIFFERENCE of the powerful and wealthy toward the ABSENCE of: humility, civility, hospitality, honesty, generosity, balance, mutuality, cooperation, colaboration, hope, joy, tolerance, kindness, gentleness, reverence, integrities, integrations, sanctuaries, intelligence, spirit, reflexive-relationships, prayer, meditation, poetry, song, dance, intimacy, friendships, relaxation, healing, hospitals, schools, research, experimentation, exploration, etc. 4. INDIFFERENCE of the powerful and wealthy toward the OPPRESSIVE PRESENCE OF: arrogance, contentiousness, greed, pretensions, collusions, hoarding, extremism, unilateral-behaviors, domination, addictions, competition, battles, attacks, despair, depression, intolerance, meanness, coercion, violence, hubris, polarizations, dichotomizations, terror, terrorisim, terrorists, ignorance, prejudice, bias, absolute-demands, absolute- commands, narrow-specializations, exclusivities, mutually- exclusive-ideals-and-values, total-objectifications, technocracies, compulsive-concerns, alienation, estrange- ments, excommunications, animosities, workaholics, militarism, military-industrial-complexes, mutually- assured-destruction-threats, fanaticism, etc. 5. The ABSENCE of respect for and defense of humane rights as defined in prudent constitutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 6. PREOCCUPATIONS with: security defined in terms of invulnerability, being superior, being best, having more- than-enough, polarizations, dichotomizations, who-is-good, who-is-evil, who-is-superior, who-is-rejectable, who-is- acceptable, etc. 7. The powerful and wealthy being willing and able with impunity to SACRIFICE the essential foundations for personal and communal integrations and integrities to accumulate more wealth, power, and security for themselves. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================