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%ESSENCE ESSENTIAL ROOTS CAUSES CONSEQUENCES SINNER 041026 %DEVIL EVIL RELATIONSHIPS PERSONAL COMMUNAL CONTROL 041026 %CONFORMITY POWERFUL OMNIPOTENT POWERS THAT BEINGS 041026 %TRADITIONS RITUALS RELIGIOUS BUREAUCRACIES WORSHIP 041026 %EXCLUSIVE SUPERIOR COUNTRY CLUBS IDOLATRY SACRED 041026 %PLACES SANCTUARIES INVULNERABILITY SECURITY HONEST 041026 Evil-Relationships are BOTH signs-of personal-and- communal disintegrations AND threats-to personal-and- communal disintegrations. It is futile to ask which is cause and what is effect. Asking and answering the question demonstrates a tragic lack of integrity; because there are far more helpful ways of spending time and energy. What then are some reliable signs-of and warnings- about both personal and communal disintegrations; e.g., of Evil-Relationships? Consider: The absense of MUTUAL: 1. Understanding/comprehension. 2. Dialogue/listening. 3. Concern/sympathy. 4. Cooperation/colaboration. 5. Intimacy/vulnerability. 6. Support/complementation. 7. Respect/honor. 8. Trust/dependence. 9. Forgivenes/reconciliation/healing. 10. Acceptance and tolerance. The frequent and prevasive presence of: 1. Enmity/confusion/chaos. 2. Alienation/attacks. 3. Indifference/annimosity. 4. Contentiousness/domination. 5. Coercion/abuse/violence. 6. Denigration/exclusivity/rejections. 7...Compulsive competition at others' expense. 8. Suspicion/secrecy. 9. Anger/resentment. 10. Arrogance/self-righteousness. Note that in the above, it is RELATIONSHIPS which are viewed as EVIL. Individual-persons may be trapped within EVIL-RELATIONSHPS and therein tragically regard each other as EVIL-PERSONS because of their involvement in EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS. Healthy persons who are not trapped within EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS, do NOT regard each other as EVIL-PERSONS; nor do they regard individual persons who are trapped within EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS as EVIL-PERSONS. It does no person any real-good to regard INDIVIDUAL- PERSONS as EVIL-PERSONS: not the persons so labeled, not the labelers, not the bystanders, not those who gain power and/or wealth, etc. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - It does no person any real-good to: 1. Be-Defensive at other-peoples' expense. 2. Be-Invulnerable at other-peoples' expense. 3. Be-Secure at other-peoples' expense. 4. Be-Wealthy at poor-peoples' expsnse. 5. Be-Powerful at Vulnerable-Peoples' expense. 6. Be-Self-Confident at Vulnerable-People's expense. 7. Be-Arrogant at the expense of Insecure-People. 8. Be-Pretentious at the expense of Hungry-People. 9. Be-In-Control at the expense of the Weak/Thirsty. 10. Be-Domineering at the expense of the Weak/Meek. 11. Be-Violent at the expense of the Weak/Humble ones. 12. Be-Destructive at the expense of Communal Integrity. 13. Be-Disintegrative at the expense of All-Humans. 14. Build Weapons of Mass Distruction for All-Humans. 15. Plan/use WMDs to protect All-Humans from themselves. 16. Plan/Be-Self-Destruction as a Means/Tool of Control. 17. Destroy Self-Integrity for the Welfare-of-Others. 18. Destroy Communal-Integrity for the Greater-Good. 19. Undermine-Communal-Integrity for the Greater-Good. 20. Be-Dishonest to Achieve-Greater-Goods/Success. 21. Concentrate-Power-Wealth to Help-God-Do-His-Will. 22. Control-Appearances to Promote-Communal-Integrity. 23. Get-Communal-Dominance to Promote-Communal-Shalom. 24. Insure-Communal-Integrity via DISINTEGRATIVE-MEANS. 25. Conceal DININTEGRATIVE-MEANS from public view. 26. Obscure/confuse the presense of DISINTEGRATIVE-MEANS. 27. Obscure/confuse MEAN-TECHNOLOGIES-OF-DOMINATION. 28. Obscure/confuse MEAN-PROSCRIPTIONS/PRESCRIPTIONS. 29. Obscure/confuse MEAN-COMMANDMENTS/DOCTRINES. 30. Obscure/confuse MEAN-RELIGIOUS-BUREAUCRACIES. 31. Respect-Honor-Support-Reverence MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES. 32. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of respect. 33. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of honor. 34. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of support. 35. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of reverence. 36. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of worship. 37. TOLERATE MEAN-TECHNOCRACIES as worthy of idolatry. 38. Seek SECURITY==INVULNERABILITY in more, More, MORE! 39. Show deference/REVERENCE to those who have MORE! 40. Show deference/REVERENCE to the GODS-OF-MORE! 41. Seek to be controllers like the GODS-OF-MORE! 42. Seek to creat MORE managable GODS-OF-MORE. 43. Pray diligently to many/MORE managable GODS-OF-MORE. 44. Take pleasure/pride in being superior to others. 45. Winning power/wealth at other inferiors' expense. 46. Winning power/wealth at the expense of integrities. 47. Getting power/wealth at the expense of alienations. 48. Getting power/wealth at the expense of distrust. 49. Getting power/wealth at the expense of suspicions. 50. HOLDING power/wealth at the expense of integrities. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================