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%ROOTS ORIGINS CAUSES TRAGEY TRAGIC TRAGEDIES HELLS 041023 %CLUSTERS ULTIMATE CONCERNS PREOCCUPATION DENIGRATE 041023 %BALANCE ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS PERSONAL COMMUNAL 041023 %SYMPATHY GRACIOUS AFFIRM DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE WEEK 041023 %POOR SICK HUNGRY INVULNERABLE ACTIVE LISTEN SHARED 041023 %WEALTH POWER FOOD HOUSING HEALTH ACCEPTANCE GIVING 041023 Tragedies are rooted in clusters of ultimate-concerns which lead to the denigration of balanced-concerns with essential-foundations for our many personal-and-communal integrations-integrities. The essential-foundations include: SYMPATHY-FOR and GRACIOUS-AFFIRMATIONS-of: 1. Distributive: justice, generosity, hospitality, etc. 2. People who are poor, weak, sick, hungry, vulnerable, 3. Active listening-and-dialogue, 4. Dynamic balance- and-mutuality, 5. Personal-and-communal integrations-and- integrities, 6. Power sharing-and-acceptance, 7. Healing: confessions, forgiveness & reconciliations, 8. Honest: friendships, intmacies and sexual-relations, 9. Accurate-descriptions of natural causes-and-efffects, 10. Focusing upon evil-relationships, not on evil-people. Common tragic compulsive-concerns INCLUDE enduring- preoccupations with: 1. Me, mine, us & ours -- in exclusive/narcissistic ways. 2. Fears of inhumane-causes rooted in human-fears. 3. Recycling disintegrative coercion-and-violence. 4. Suverting true-lovers, reconcilers and peacemakers. 5. Managing-and-controlling domineering-people. 6. Rules, laws, prescriptions & preoscriptions. 7. Conformity, formalities, formulas and ideal-forms. 8. Purity, perfection, purification and sure-doctrines. 9. Controls, management, coercion, force and weapons. 10. Winners, losers, accumulators and invulnerabilities. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================