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%DISINTEGRATIVE DOMINANT MEN SEXUALITY ABUSE TRUTHS 041022 %DILEMMAS TECHNICAL PROBLEMS TRAGIC TRAGEDIES SOLVE 041022 %OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE REFLEXIVE PLANS INTENTIONS 041022 %MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX NUCLEAR WAR MUTUALKITY 041022 %ASSURED DESTRUCTION TECHNOCRATIC HUMANE RAPTURED 041022 %SUPERNATURAL HEAVEN SPACESHIP EARTHS COSMIC LOVERS 041022 Why is it that MANkind has had so much difficulty and trouble with resolving the dilemmas which are associated with human sexuality? Consider the following: 1. Military DOMINANT MEN sexually abusing the terribly vulnerable poor civilian women in the countries wherein the MEN have officially engaged in violent acts. 2. Military DOMINANT MEN sexually prostituting the terribly vulnerable poor civilian women in the countries wherein the MEN have officially engaged in violent acts. 3. Military DOMINANT MEN abandoning their wives, chilren and extended families, to engage officially in violent acts far from home. 4. Poor and vulnerable females around the world being trapped in pervasive patterns of prostitution and pornographic trade, even in the absence of the official violent acts of officially-declared redemptive-wars. 5. Adults who have rarely educated adolescents regarding the: physiological, psychological, disease, dis-ease, addictive, codependent and spiritual aspects of uninformed and dishonest aspects of many sexual relationships. 6. Sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS have long ravished DOMINANT MEN and vulnerable women and children. 7. Dysfunctional inhumane sexual relationships have long led to the disintegrations of men, women, children, and their communities. Is the root of the dilemma within DOMINANT MEN, or within human sexuality? Might the root of the dilemma be --- that DOMINENT MEN view the following as threats to their ability to become and be DOMINAT: 1. Honesty, 2. Authenticity, 3. True-Intimacy, 4. Safe-Vulnerability, 5. Cooperation, 6. True-Sanctuaries, 7. Revelations-of-Disintegration's Costs, 8. The subversion of DOMINANT laws and commandments. 9. The subversion of DOMINANT prescriptions. 10. The subversion of DOMINANT proscriptions. 11. The subversion of DOMINANT demands and violence. 12. The power of RESISTANCE which is NON-VIOLENT. 13. The power of RESISTANCE which is NON-COERCIVE. The TOOLS-OF-DOMINATION are not worthy of respect, honor, support or reverence. TECHNOCRATIC DOMENENT MEN do not act in ways which merit respect, honor, support or reverence. Neither do the TECHNOCRATIC DOMINENT WOMEN who do show respect for TECHNOCRATIC DOMINENT MEN in an effort to get ahead through acts of distributive-injustice. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================