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%DETERMINE ADVANCE COMPLETE ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY ANY 041019 %CAUSE EFFECT CONSEQUENCES PATTERN HUMANE ACTIONS 041019 %THOUGHTS BEHAVIORS EXPECTATIONS DEMANDS COMMANDS 041019 %PRESCRIPTIONS PROSCRPTION SCRIPTURE INTERPRETATION 041019 %DISCOVERY PLAN MANAGE PREDICT DESIRES HOPES ASPIRE 041019 %DOMINATION SYSTEM ANALYSIS ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT 041019 We cannot determine in-advance-and-with-complete- certainty the consequences of any pattern of HUMAN actions, thoughts, behaviors expectations, deamands, etc. The above is true whether we as HUMANS regard the word "determine" as pertaining to HUMAN: "discovery", "planning", "management", "prediction", "desires", "expectation", "pre-knowledge", "cooperation", "dominatinn", "controls", "unilateralisms", or anything else. We as HUMANS can individually and cooperatively influence the consequences of each of our HUMAN patterns of actions, thought, behaviors, expectations, demands, etc. It is NOT-TRUE that we as HUMANS cannot-influence the outcome of any such HUMAN pattern. It is NOT-TRUE that it is either total-HUMAN-contorl OR-ELSE NO-HUMAN- INFLUECE. The inclusion and/or the exclusion above of the words "as" and/or "HUMAN" --- DOES-INFLUENCE the veracity/accuracy of the above statements. Such changes can make the statements more or less true and/or accurate FOR-US. Changes in how we approach and/or relate to the statements can make the statements more or less true and/or accurate FOR-US. We cannot know for sure how accurate and/or true the above statements are, APPART-FROM-US as individuals and/or as cooperative communities. The above statements are all about US as REFLEXIVE- MORTAL-CREATURES. The above are unavoidably REFLEXIVE- STATEMENTS. We cannot deal helpfully with the above statements while pretending that they can be totally transcendent; i.e., apart from our personal involvement and participation in the statements; e.g., as totally scientific, objective, unbiased, and/or unprejudiced holy/sacred "TRUTHS". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================