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%REALMS PEOPLE STYLES MODES DOMINATION CONTROL EGO 041013 %EXTENDED FAMILY CHILDREN FEMALES STUDENTS CHURCH 041013 %EMPLOY WORK LEGISLATOR CONSTITUENT CITIZEN SEXUAL 041013 %INTIMACIES FRIEND MONEY FINANCE INVESTMENT PROFITS 041013 %STOCKS BONDS CAPITALIST MARKET COLONIES RESOURCES 041013 %MILITARY WAR NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE JESUS KINGS OWN 041013 Domineering people often specialize as regards within which realm(s) OF-PEOPLE they choose to try to be dominanat; e.g., within: 1. Their nuclear family. 2. Their extended family. 3. Their children and females. 4. Their students in classrooms. 5. Their church members. 6. Their employees. 7. Their legislators. 8. Their constituents. 9. Their citizens. 10. Their entertainment fans. Domineering people may specialize within realms other than people; e.g., realms characterized as following: 1. Financial considerations. 2. The ownership of posessions/luxuries. 3. The management of properties. 4. The managment of persons' reputations. 5. The management of beliefs, doctrines, ideas. 6. Athletic competitions. 7. Entertainment competitions. 8. The managment of friendships/intimacies. 9. Marrital and/or extended sexual relationships. 10. Military Industrial Complexes. Overlaying all of the above; Domineering People are usually trying to be dominate/domineering in regard to issues connected with: 1. Vulnerability as related to intimacy/sexuality. 2. Invulnerability as related to personal relations. 3. Hiding blunders, mistakes, deception, fears, etc. 4. Misleading people in order to dominate them. 5. Pretending to have powers they do not have. 6. Being certain, when humility IS/IS-NOT in order. 7. Arrogance, self-righteousness, humility, Love. 8. Perfection, purity, superiority, evil-relations. 9. God, heaven, hell, salvation, rescue, redemption. 10. Coercion, violence, commands, pre/pro-scriptions. We must learn to recognize and be honest about: 1. People who are trying to be dominant, in control. 2. The realms within which they try to be dominant. 3. Ultimate motivations, means, and ends. 4. Natural, versus contrived, consequences. 5. Technocratic, versus gracious, processes. 6. Dilemmas, as distinct from technical-problems. 7. Tragedies, as distinct from catastrophies. 8. Limits due to natural-laws & finite-resources. 9. Travel-limits due to cosmic-distances & c-speed. 10. Limits due to human diseases and mortality. Domineering people try to control relationships that no mortal can control: between-objects, between-humans, between-ideas, and between spiritual-realities. Domineering people do not recognize the differences between the realms of possibilities and impossibilities; and generate many tragedies and futilities in trying to achieve what it is impossible to achieve; e.g., personal security through invulnerability --- when domineering people are dominated by their own imature fears. While not all realms of domination directly entail physical violence --- all forms of domination lay- foundations for future physical-violence by doing-violence to many forms of integration and integrities. To enjoy personal and communal integrities we must recognize the many ways in which all forms of coercion, violence, domination and control --- lay the foundations for future personal and communal disintegrations which will most likely entail: physical-violence, coercion, controls and domination --- which merit no respect, honor or support. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================