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%TERRORISM TERRORISTS EXIST WITHIN MOST POWERFUL 040926 %MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES SPONSOR SUPPORT EVIL 040926 %RELATIONSHIPS TRUE LOVERS POOR VULNERABLE FARMERS 040926 %NATIONS COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS PARADOXES TELLERS SIN 040926 %IDOLATRY EMBARRASS INTEGRATE INTEGRITIES CONFLICT 040926 %MISLEAD SPECIAL INTERESTS CORPORATION PROFITABLE 040926 Terrorism and terrorists continue to exist because militarily powerful-nations and our own powerful military- industrial-complex sponsor fear-full terrorism-against: 1. Gracious True-Lovers, 2. The world's poor, hungry and vulnerable people, 3. Truth-Tellers, 4. Complementary-truths, 5. Embarrassing-integrators and integrities, 6. Embarrassing-revelations of integrative truths, 7. Poor-farmers within poor-nations, 8. Peacmakers and non-violent-resistors, 9. True-diplomacy and true-conflict-resolutions, 10. Truly-global systems-analyses of evil-relations. We are being mislead by our most respected and honored leaders who thoughtlessly believe in and trust the "Myth of Redemptive Violence". That ancient, enduring and misleading myth has been unmasked and exposed by Walter Wink within his graciously powerful book "The Powers That Be". Walter Wink graciously "Speaks Truth to Power". Many true and thoughtful leaders will encourage their thoughtful followers to study and honestly discuss Walter Wink's book during each election year. Be aware of, and beware of all of our fearful leaders who discourage such revealing studies and honest discussions --- especially among poor and vulnerable people who honestly, graciously and non-violently RESIST domination and terrorism of all kinds in all places within God's finite Space-Ship-Earth. Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================