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%NON VIOLENT RESISTANCE COERCION NUCLEAR WAR EGO 040918 %WMDS WEAPONS MASS DESTRUCTION OFFICIAL TERRORISM 040918 %EXTREMISTS UNBALANCED FANATICS FUNDAMENTALISM FEAR 040918 %TRIUMPH WINNERS LOSERS COMPETITION BATTLE HEROES 040918 %SUPERIOR PEOPLE GOOD DEVILS ANGER ANGRY GODS SEXES 040918 %MYTH REDEMTIVE DOMINATION SYSTEMS ANALYSIS COLLUDE 040918 We will all continue to be victims of "The Myth of Redemtive Violence", "The Powers That Be", "The Domination Systems" and their loyal-dominant-supporters --- so long as many of us remain ignorant, unaware of, and/or indifferent to their: 1. Pervasive existence and various incarnations, 2. Tragically bitter fruits, 3. Origins in inhumane evolution, 4. Historical evolutionary history, 5. Collusive games of mutual self deception, 6. Corrupted concentrations of fallen powers, 7. Ways of conceling themselves, 8. Tragic perversions of people, ideals, and values. 9. Embodiment in our Military-Industrial-Complexes. 10. Blockages of our Liberating Systems Analyses. 11. Presence in our religions, sciences, politics, etc. 12. Domination of logic, reasoning, thoughts & emotions. 13. Ways of re-incarnating themselves in each generation. 14. Systemic aspects of many essential technologies. 15. Complex webs of disintegrative threads and fabrics. 16. Patterns of disintegrative cause & effect relations. We need to cooperate in becoming-aware of the above realities and beware of their tragic consequences in our lives. For more read chapter two of Walter Wink's book "The Powers That Be". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================