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%CHAOS AND EVIL MEANINGFULLY SUCCESSFULLY OVERCOME 040916 %WITHIN US OUR LIVES RELATIONSHIPS ENVIRONMENTS 040916 %OUTSIDE ENEMIES TRAITOR DIFFERENT PEOPLE OBEDIENCE 040916 %NONCONFORMITY IDEAL FORMS FORMULAS FORMALITIES GOD 040916 %BABALON MYTH REDEMPTIVE VIOLENCE CONTROLS POWERS 040916 %THAT BE DOMINATION SYSTEMS AUTHORITIES SALVATIONS 040916 Is CHAOS more meaningfully and successfullly overcome through integrations and integrities; or through unilateral orders and the imposition of order upon that which is disorderly and rebelious? Are CHAOS and dis-orderlyness the essence of EVIL? Can EVIL be most meaningfully and successfully be overcome and/or-eliminated through reconciliations, confilct-resolutions, dialogue, being-together-in-Love; OR through the impositions of unilateral ORDERS and ORDERLNESS upon whatever/whoever is found to be out-of- order, different, not-in-conformity, not-obedient, not- proper, not-perfect, not-in-ideal-form? Is EVIL found in our-own-incoherent-relationships within-and-among-us; OR is EVIL found outside-of-us in the CHAOS which is outside-of-us and which we find-to-be- threatening to-us as isolated-individuals? -------------------------------------------------- The ways in which we try to mitigate and/or try to eliminate EVIL depend in profound ways upon: 1. The ways we ask questions about our own CHAOS & EVIL. 2. How we relate CHAOS and EVIL within our experiences. 3. How CHAOS and EVIL are related to each other in us. 4. How we experience EVIL and CHAOS in our relationships. 5. How we define EVIL and CHAOS together with others. 6. How we analyze EVIL and CHAOS together with others. 7. Where we find, recognize and discover EVIL and CHAOS. 8. What we perceive to the the orgins of EVIL and CHAOS. 9. What we expect to be the destinies of EVIL and CHAOS. 10. What we expect to be the ends of EVIL and CHAOS. In the light of the above considerations --- read and consider the descriptions of Walter Wink in chapter two of his book "The Powers That Be". Many new liberating insights and revelations may flow from such thoughtful considerations! The original explanatory-myth involves the original GODS' conflicts, violence, murders, sexual- relationships, absuses, and creations of humans and the cosmos OUT OF THE REMAINS OF their CHAOS and EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS. Such was their description of the origins of our EVIL, CHAOS and EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS --- all embedded in OUR-CREATIONS. What might a more liberating and integrative myth be, and become? We may find that we cannot truly find EVIL outside of our relationships and thereby find ourselves innocent, not-guilty, and free-of-chaos. However, we may find that we can mitigate EVIL and maybe even eliminate EVIL by focusing upon EVIL as residing only within our alienative and disintegrative relationships --- and work together cooperatively to achieve: reconciliation, cooperation, colaboration and mutual-understanding --- regarding the ways we can mitigate our alienations, excommunications, estrangements, distrust, resentments, retributions, etc. So long as our relationships are disorderly relationships --- we will suffer within our EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS and within the CHAOS which flows from our DISORDERLY and EVIL RELATIONSHIPS. It is far more likely that we will find meaning and fulfillment working together in cooperative efforts to achieve: reconciliation, cooperation, colaboration, mutual-understanding, friendships, intimacies, integrations and integrities --- THAN in trying to be dominant and/or in control of each other as contentious competators who are alienated from each other! The myths and methods of systems-analysis which we honor make huge differences in what kinds of lives we live. We need to cooperate in working diligently to discern the consequences of our showing honor, respect and support for our leading myths and methods of systems- analysis --- as regards our traditional ultimate concerns and preoccupations. Often the consequences are tragic beyond our understanding. We need to be aware of them and beware of ignoring the consequences. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================