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%LETTER EDITOR CANDIDATE PUBLIC OFFICE FAIL VIRTUE 040911 %HEAL EVIL RELATIONSHIPS RECONCILE ENEMIES UNKNOWN 040911 %IGNORANCE PREJUDICE BIAS DISTRUST FEAR LEARN HEARS 040911 %SEES PERCEIVES UNDERSTANDS DESCRIBES EXPERIENCES 040911 %DIFFERENT COMPELEMENT EXCLUSIVE BLINDS MASKS HIDE 040911 %RESOLVE CONFLICTS INTERDEPENDENT NUCLEAR WAR PRIDE 040911 To the Editor of The Coloradoan: We and candidates for public office will fail within our evil relationships unless we focus most our efforts upon: 1. Healing our own evil relationships. 2. Reconciling ourselves with people whom we know the least about, distrust and most fear. 3. Learning how and why we have become alienated from "different" people. 4. Learning about and preparing to resist our evil- relationships in new, reconciling and renewing ways which are not-arrogant, not-violent, not-coercive and not- domineering. 5. Learning to appreciate people who are "different" in ways which can complement our most exclusive ways. 6. Learning the histories, cultures, religions and langauges of people whom we in ignorance regard as dangerously "different" and "evil". 7. Learning to resolve our conflicts with such "different" people through cooperativve efforts with them. 8. The many ways in which we as the whole crew of our Small Space-Ship-Earth are utterly interdependent upon each other and all other living being in our small space- ship. 9. Understanding the ways in which we and all of our parts and inter-relationships are utterly interdependent upon each other for our survival and meaning. 10. Letting go of our alienative patterns of dishonesty, collusions, mutual self-deception, coercion, violence, and domination. For more thoughts like these go to the liberating and free web site (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================