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%SUPERIOR INFERIOR PEOPLE IDEAL FORMS AGREE 040830 %PROTECT INVULNERABLE SECURITY TACIT UPON PROHIBIT 040830 In order to protect our-superior-form-of-domination by our-superior-form-of-people --- we must tacitly-agree upon: 0. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <=========> friendships, intimacies-bonding, clarity, fellowships, sanctuaries, privacy, secrecy, insights, revelations, systems-analysis, humility, civility, authenticity, accurate-descriptions, hospitality, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation, cooperation, meetings, lobbying, political-action, writing, music, art, picturing; e.g.: 1. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <=========> HONESTY about prohibiting our chosen certain kinds of HONESTY <========> friendships, intimacies and bonding --- because they-may-threaten-the-coherence of our suprior-form-of-domination by us-as-a-superior-form-of: people, race, clan, clique, class, cast, religion, intellegencia, sex, sexual-orientation, needers, ritualists, mythologizers, cosmologists, scholors, political-leaders, etc. 2. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <==========> HONESTY about our motivations, intentions, desires, hopes, aspirations, fears, vulnerabilities, uncertainties, confusions, ignorance, mistakes, tragedies, strategies, plans, extremism, lack-of-balance, lack-of-integrity, incoherence, etc. 3. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <==========> HONESTY about our superior<->successful patterns of: distributive-injustice, abuse, power-concentrations, wealth-concentration, influence-concentrations, risk- management, sacrifices-of-integrity, sacrifices-of- transparency, sacrifices-of-authenticity, etc. 4. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <==========> HONESTY about our superior <-> proper <-> conformal <-> controlable <-> conformable forms of sexual: dreams, desires, fantasies, activities, relationships, intimacies, honesty, etc. 5. PROHIBITING-CERTAIN-KINDS-OF HONESTY <=========> HONESTY about our superior kinds of: domination, controls, violence, management, economics, businesses, collusions, addictions, codependent-rescues, salvations, redemptions, heavens, hells, punishments, excommunications, banishment, exclusivity, purity, commandments, conformity, formalities, governance, polity, rules, standards, prescriptions, proscriptions ethics, morality, scriptures, scriptural-interpretations, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================