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%MISLEADING QUESTIONS RESPECT SUPPORT HONOR EVIL 040824 %GOD HEAVEN HELL DIVINITY MYTHOLOGY COSMOLOGY GOOD 040824 %RESPOND ANSWER CONCEPTS PEOPLE RELIGIONS FALLEN 040824 %ORIGINAL SIN TREE KNOWLEDGE RIGHT WRONG SALVATION 040824 %EXCLUSIVITY INTEGRITY TRANSCEND SUBVERT DOUBLE IT 040824 %BINDS COLLUSIONS ARROGANCE SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS GOD 040824 Not all questions merit respect, support or honor --- because some questions are mis-leading-questions; e.g., based upon false/misleading assumptions, attitudes, concepts, categories, etc. Is God a black man? Does God live in the USA White House in Washington DC? Did God sacrifice his only son to redeem the world because there were rules which transcended God, and God had to obey the rules which transcended God? It is not helpful to try to ANSWER a misleading question. It may be helpful to RESPOND to a misleading question with efforts to clarify why and how a misleading question is likely to mislead people who try to ANSWER it; or even may mislead people who try to RESPOND to the misleading question --- by exposing how and why it is misleading. Among the biases which may be present in misleading question are the following kinds of biases: 1. Responses must entail ONLY objective and quantitative considerations --- in the manner of theoretical and experimental physicists. 2. Responses must NOT-ENTAIL-ANY objective or quantitative considerations; i.e., be exclusively trying to be free of the biases of theoretical and experimental physicists. 3. Responses must fall EXCLUSIVELY WITHIN the realm of just the traditional considerations of some ONE of the many religious traditions; e.g., Hindu, Buddist, Shintoist, Jewish, Roman-Catholic, Christian, Protestant, or one just ONE of their many splinter groups. 4. Responses must NOT include any REFLEXIVE- CONSIDERATIONS which entail PARTICIPANTS-REFLECTING upon or discussing their OWN: attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, faith-statements, convictions, prejudices, biases, ignorance, mistakes, alienations, estrangements, excommunications, etc. 5. Responses must NOT transcend or subvert "The Domination System" or its most faithful and idolatrous worshippers and supporters. 6. Responses must NOT transcend or subvert any profitable addictions, wealthy-addicts or any of their codependent supporters. It is to be noted that EXCLUSIVITY plays a major role in generating misleading-questions. Integrations and integrities often entail transcending and subverting EXCLUSIVITY in its many diverse forms. Thus domineering people and "The Domination System" work to undermine integrations and integrities within persons, communities, and all relationships within and among them. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================