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%SELF DEFEATING EFFORTS BEING CONTROLLERS COMMAND 040820 %DOMINATION SYSTEMS ANALYSIS FRAGMENTATION SCIENCE 040820 %OBJECTIVITY OBJECTIONS OBJECTIFICATION REFLEXIVE 040820 %MEDITATION PRAYER EVIL RELATIONSHIPS ALIENATIONS 040820 %RISK MANAGEMENT COOPERATION MUTUALITY COLABORATED 040820 %ARROGANCE SUPERIOR BEINGS DEVILS FALLEN POWERS 040820 Competition is rewarded with favorable attention far more often than cooperation is rewarded with favorable attention. When there is competition --- there are usually more losers than there are winners. When there is competition everybody is trying to avoid being one of the many losers; by working to make others to be among the many losers. Competition does not encourage cooperation in any unqualified way. In team sports cooperation is encouraged only within the bounds of each team; not across the boundaries between teams. Competition echoes the survival-only-of-the-fittest mentality; rather than survival-through-cooperation. In one sense competition encourages cooperation within-teams at the same time that competition encourages domination of one team by another team. Competition does not encourage us to learn how to cooperate TO WIN-THE-WAR AGAINST HAVING-WARS. Domineering people work-to-undermine-the-efforts of cooperative TRUE-LOVERS who work TO WIN-THE-WAR AGAINST HAVING-WARS. Domineering people work-against NON- VIOLENT-RESISTORS cooperating-successfully in their efforts to-mitigate and/or to-eliminate: domination, coercion, violence, controls, sexual-abuse, religious- abuse, spiritual-abuse, political-abuse, excom- munications, shunning, damnations, etc. How can we eliminate DOMINATION without BEING- DOMINANT? How can we eliminate VIOLENT-PEOPLE without BEING-VIOLENT-PEOPLE? How can we promote and facilitate COOPERATION without encouraging competition-which-undermines-COOPERATION- WITH-OPPONENTS; e.g., cooperation with: enemies, traitors, evil-people, sinners, opponents, inferior- people, God-s-enemies, etc? How can we ask the essential questions without seeming to engage in double think? How can we frame questions about winning-the-war against HAVING-WARS without taking-for-granted that we must HAVE-A-WAR to-eliminate-having-wars? Can-we-eliminate-or-mitigate: wars-through-a-war-against-wars? violence-through-violence? coercion-through-coercion? arrogance-through-arrogance? self-righteousness-through-self-righeousness? competition-through-competition? fear-through-fear? anxiety-through-anxiety? conformity-through-conformity? evil-relationships through evil-relationships? The absurdity of such self-defeating efforts is rarely recognized in any clear way by people who engage in such absurd efforts! The participants thoughtlessly perpetuate what they believe they are working to mitigate and/or eliminate! We cannot affirm the mitigation or elimination of that which we pretend-to-oppose --- by behaving in ways which affirm the-necessity-of that which-we-pretend-to- oppose. Dishonesty plays a central role in all such absurd efforts. We pretend-to-be-opposing that which we-say-is-essential-to-success; e.g.: coercion, violence, superiority, rejections, losers, winners, exclusions, excommunications, pride, shunning, self- righteousness, arrogance, legalisms, condemnations, punishments, rewards, etc. When will we give-up and let- go of such tragic-efforts-to-be-in-control? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================