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%HUMANE COMMUNITY LANGUAGE DIFFICULTIES TABOO LOVE 040804 %ROOTS EVIL RELATIONSHIPS INADEQUACIES GRAMMAR SEX 040804 %INTIMATE OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE INTEGRATIONS UNITY 040804 %COMMON WORDS COMMUNICATE COMMUNNION COLLUSIONS 040804 %COHERENCE LOVERS STABILITY BALANCE CIVILITY DEVIL 040804 %HOSPITALITY COVENANT BOND MUTUAL GOD RELIGIOUS 040804 Each humane community is likely to have difficulties which are rooted in the inadequacies of its common language which serves as a means to communicate in ways which promote and facilitate: integrations, integrities, coherence, love, stability, balance, unity, community, intimacy, civility, hospitality, agreements, covenants, bonding, mutuality, etc. The words-which-we-use point to realities which are not-all-of-like-kind. Some realities which we try to point to are objective realities. Other realities we try to point to are subjective realities, and yet others are reflexive and/or spiritual realities. Etc. Some members of a community may not be aware of the DIFFERENT ways in which the community's words are used to: name, point-to, call-attention-to, reveal, expose, describe, reference, etc. those: objects, things, relationships, persons, beings, spirits, virtues, vices, ideals, ideas, motivations, beliefs, faiths, etc. --- which are important and central in their lives. The words we use may name and/or point to realities which we regard as: holy, sacred, ultimate, spiritual, transcendent, integrative, Godly, wonderful, and worthy of reverence. But not all uf us use our words in the same-ways with the same-understanding of how and why we are using the words as we do. We conventionally-regard the-words-which-we-use as playing-grammatical-roles as: nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs, prepositions, etc. Some-of-our-confusion comes- from using-the-same-sounds-and/or-combinations-of-letters in-many-ways which-are different; as: nouns, verbs, adjectives and/or adverbs. How can we tell=discern or tell=say-to-each-other the-manner in-which each-word-is- being-used in-each-instance? With what intent? With what effect? Leading to what message being received/discerned? How can we know for sure? How can we say for sure just what it is that we know for sure? In such efforts --- are big words better than little words? How are we to measure bigness and littleness? How are we to understand and work with each other in ways which are in-love? How was "love" just used here? Justly? Rightly? Clearly? Properly? Indiscriminately? Transcendentally? Carelessly? Falsely? In an evil way? Some people act as if all realities=things are objects; or at least exist within our four-dimensional- space-time-continuum in the same way as non-alive objects exist therein. Where does God exist? How does God exist? Like an object within a particular volume=portion of our four-dimensional-space-time-continuum? Somewhere within our Space-Ship-Earth, solar-system, galaxy, cluster-of-galaxies, or cosmos? During what interval of time? Other people acknowledge the reality of concepts, ideals, values, subjective-realities, reflexive- realities, spiritual-realities, objective-relationships, faiths, personal-relationships, spiritual-relationships, truths, abstract-relationships, quantitative- relationships, love-relations, gods, sexual- relationships, spirits, angels, devils, intimacies, evil- relationships, atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons, molecules, nuclei, bosons, pions, leptons, etc. Which of these words name or point-to "things" which are really- real? How can we communicate reliably if we cannot agree on how we are using and/or should be using our words? What happens when we encounter people who are using a different language as used by the: French, Spanish, Italians, Russians, Arabs, Greek, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Buddists, Muslims, Hebrews, ancient Egyptians, modern-scientists, ancient-astrologers, etc? How are they to communicate with us? We with them? Be in dialogue reliably? Who can say? God? Is God a True- Lover? How are we to obey the commandment to Love God and our Neighbor? Who can say for sure? Have words here been used properly? Clearly? Lovingly? In evil ways? What realities can be evil? What realities cannot be evil? Who can know for sure? What-can-we-do-responsibly-and-gracefully when what- we-know has-been-made taboo-to-say openly-and-publically within-the-community; so there are no generally-accepted- ways of saying-what-we-know? What if the-language-does- not-permit saying-what-we-know; much-less-facilitate saying-what-we-know! What if the-culture-makes-it-taboo to be-involved-within-intimate-relationships where it-is- safe-to-say-what-we-know? What if such-sanctuaries-are- taboo? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================