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%DISINTEGRATIVE BEHAVIOR ROOT MISLEADING TEACHING 040801 %MOTIVATION DISCERNED PRESUME DANGER THOUGHTLESS 040801 %REAL APPARENT PRETENTIOUS THOUGHTLESS RECOGNIZED 040801 %SHADES COMBINATION OBJECTIVE REFLEXIVE SUBJECTIVE 040801 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS TRUE LOVER BEING AUTHENTIC GOD 040801 %MICRO MANAGE PRIVATE INTIMACIE COMMUNICATIONS SEX 040801 Much disintegrative behavor is rooted in misleading motivation; but how is motivation to be reliably discerned in ways which are not themselves misleading? Presuming to be free of misleading motivations is itself dangerous! Other dangerous pattern of behavior as regards motivations include: 1. Thoughtlessly assuming that apparent motivations are the real motivations of our own and other people's patterns of behavior. 2. Failing to recognize the shades-of and/or combinations-of: objective, reflexive and/or subjective relationships among: objects, relationships, people and other living beings. 3. Attempting to micromanage people and their relationships "for their own good" --- while pretending that our own motivations do not include trying to concentrate: power, wealth, influence, and/or posessions. 4. Focusing upon proper-forms-of-conformity in ways which undermine/destroy people's: imagination, creativity, and novelty in responding to new and challenging: circumstances, situations, and threats to personal and communal integrities. 5. Not distinguishing between fears which are well grounded in knowledge, wisdom, and prudent understanding; in contrast to fears which are grounded in ignorance, confusion, prejudice and/or mental illnesses. 6. Not recognizing fears which flow from alieantion, estrangement, excommunications and inhibited dialogue --- and thus motivating disintegrative patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 7. Falling into the trap of being motivated-guided by exclusive-considerations; rather than by integrative- and-inclusive-considerations which properly recognize complementary: people, ideals, values, virtues, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================