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%FEAR PRUDENTLY AVOID PUNISHMENTS DEVISED HUMANS 040629 %UNOFFICIAL INFORMAL EFFECTIVE TRUE UNDERSTANDING 040629 %NATURAL CONSEQUENCES CAUSES DOMINATION COERCION GO 040629 %LETTING PERMITTING TOLERANCE VIOLENCE DISHONESTY 040629 %EVIL RELATIONSHIP ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT ARROGANT 040629 %MENTALLY ILL EDUCATE INTELLIGENT SANCTUARY FREE 040629 Ultimately the fear of punishments devised by humans, officially and formally or unofficially and informally, will not be as effective as the widespread true understanding of the NATURAL-CONSEQUENCES of: domination, coercion, violence, dishonest-relationships, evil-relationships, alienation, estrangement, arrogance, self-righteousness, pretentiousness, etc. Often the people whom we want to influence through threats of punishments are not "appropriately influenced" because: 1. They are not mentally and/or physically healthy. 2. They are not well educated-from-birth. 3. They are not inherently intelligent. 4. They are not beneficiaries of distributive-justice. 5. They are not welcome in any true-sanctuary. 6. They are not free of collusive games of deception. 7. They are not free of addictions/codependents. 8. They are not truly free of communal addictions. 9. They are not able to engage in systems-analyses. 10. They are not friends with truly healthy people. We are far more likely to "appropriately influence" potential criminals by giving appropriate attention to the above ten communal-factors, than by continuing to devise new kinds of threats to impose punishments upon individual isolated and non-integrated law-breakers. Communal integrations grow far sweeter fruits than do communal punishments which are resented and promote alienation. We need to learn about and teach the consequences of our ignoring natural-laws which describe the regular and predictable outcomes of un-informed, un-wise and im- prudent patterns of actions within the objective AND reflexive realms of human lives. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================