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%DEVIL EVIL RELATIONSHIPS INHUMANE CREATION FEARS 040629 %IDOLATRY FAILED DOMINATION GAMES MUTUAL SELF GOD 040629 %SUPREME WINNER COLLUSION TOLERATE TRUE LOVERS IT 040629 %GOODNESS EXPOSURE ADDICT CODEPENDENT COHERENCE 040629 %FAILED MYTHS COSMOLOGY REDEMPTION VIOLENCE SELF 040629 %COERCION COOPERATION CIVILITY HOSPITALITY HONEST 040629 THE-DEVIL: 1. Is the inhumane creation of fear-full humans. 2. Has been created by fear-full idolaters who fear 3. That they have failed in their DOMINATION-GAMES. 4. Is the focus of such fears of failed-domination. 5. Is ostensibly SUPREME-WINNER of the DOMINATION-GAME. 6. Domineering people cannot tolerate such a WINNER. 7. Domineering people ULTIMATELY-FEAR such a WINNER. 8. Domineering people would love to be such a WINNER. 9. Domineering people fear TRUE-LOVERS who threaten: 10. Dominators' conceptions of such an ULTIMATE-WINNER. 11. Integrities of their visions of such a GOD-WINNER. 12. Vision of "The Domination System" as the "GOOD-GOD". 13. Exposures of collusive games of mutual self deception 14. Exposures of how addictions depend on codependents. 15. Exposures of how addicts depend on codependents. 16. Exposures of religions lacking coherence/integrity. 17. Exposures of faiths which lack coherence/integrity. 18. Exposures of ideals which lack coherence/integrity. 19. Exposures of values which lack coherence/integrity. 20. Exposures of paradigms which lead to disintegrations. 21. Exposures of doctrines which lead to disintegrations. 22. Exposures of cliques which foment disintegrations. 23. Exposures of commands which foment disintegrations. 24. Exposures of laws which foment disintegrations. 25. Exposures of exclusions fomenting disintegrations. 26. Exposures of the fruits of rejecting good paradoxes. 27. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-violence. 28. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-coercion. 29. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-greed. 30. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-narcissism 31. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-egotism. 32. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-redemptive-arrogance. 33. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-self-righteousness. 33. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-righteousness-alone. 33. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-individuals-as-good. 33. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-individuals-as-evil. 34. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-heaven-as-THE-REWARD. 35. Exposures of the failed-myth-of-hell-as-PUNISHMENT. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The sweet fruits of true friendships, intimacies and healthy sexual relationship which are protected by true- communal-sanctuaries --- 1. Are unlikely to grow within friendships, intimacies and sexual relationships which are NOT so protected; e.g., when they are demonstrated thoughtlessly in un-friendly public places. Embarrassed domineering people are NOT likely to tolerate such demonstrations which threaten all that they stand for and all that they dishonestly respect. Embarrassed and fear-full domineering people will most likely respond in dis-integrative and tragic ways. 2. Cannot be guaranteed by any technical means --- either in private or in public; NOT by laws, rules, regulations, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, taboos, etc. 3. Cannot be guaranteed by resorting to rituals, scripts, conformity, traditions, over-simplifications, pretensions, over-confidence, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. 4. Cannot be guaranteed unilaterally by any kind or level of authority or power-full actions: past, present or future. 5. Cannot be guaranteed by focusing in any way upon ideals, ideal-forms, formalities, purity, purifications, judgments, perfections, or superior-individuals. 6. Cannot be guaranteed in the absence of distributive- justice which is maintained by gracious people who are: civil, hospitable, generous, patient, friendly, healthy, mutually-complementary, balanced, open, honest, prudent- risk-takers, reconcilers, peace-makers, non-violent, non- coercive, creative, imaginative, sympathetic, empathetic, etc. 7. Cannot be guaranteed in the presence of retributive- justice which is: unilateral, arbitrary, capricious, prejudiced, biased, dishonest, contentious, greedy, impatient, mean, dis-eased, secretive, violent, coercive, punitive, unbalanced, arrogant, self-righteous, etc. 8. Cannot be guaranteed in the absence of prudent risk- management supported by powerful-people on behalf minimizing the threats by powerful-people to-take- advantage of vulnerable-poor-people; e.g., truly-managing the risks of: power-concentration, wealth-concentration, food-concentration, housing-concentration, education-concentration, greed-concentrations, energy-concentrations, weapons-of-mass-destruction-concentrations, military-industrial-complexes, disease-concentrations, etc. openness-and-honesty, true-intimacies, healthy-sexuality, arrogance and self-righteousness, domination and controls, ideal-forms and conformity, perfectionism and purifications, excommunications and banishments, legalities and judgmentalism, technocracies and tragedies, preparations for war, wars and terrorism, escalations of wars, nuclear wars of intent, nuclear accidental wars, nuclear winter, armageddon-promotions, hopes-for-selective-rapture, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================