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%HUMAN SALVATION DEPENDS UPON WHATEVER DOMINEERING 040626 %RELIGIOUS LEADERS SAY TEACH DEMAND COMMAND BIBLES 040626 %INTERPRET MEANINGS LITERALLY EXCLUSIVELY ARROGANT 040626 %ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY TOTAL COMPLETENESS SCRIPTURES 040626 %CONTROL PERFECTION PURIFICATION ELIMINATE ENEMIES 040626 %DEVILS DISOBEDIENCE DISLOYALTY CREATIVITY LEARNED 040626 Domineering religious leaders have often behaved as if human "salvation" depended upon successfully doing the following: 1. Believing that there could be integrative- redemptive-violence in the-mutually-assured-destruction of about 10 hydrogen bombs exploded over each major city in the world. 2. Believing that there could be integrative- redemptive-violence in believing in the Bible's reports of "miracles" which deny the integrity of open and honest scientific descriptions of the coherence demonstrated by God's Natural Processes within the Objective Realms of the Cosmos. 3. Believing that it is God's Will that humans regularly just-say-no to the natural-instincts which God game them in regards to the potential integrity/integrations of open and honest healthy sexual relationships. 4. Being dishonest-in-church-services --- so as to be faithful to church teachings about "proper" beliefs, doctrines and rituals. 5. Believing that human-salvation depends upon individualistic/narcisstic beliefs and behaviors --- apart from open-and-honest cooperative/communal actions and relationships. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================