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%PRESUMPTUOUS ARROGANT DESTRUCTIVE SELF RIGHTEOUS 040613 %DISINTEGRATIVE OFFICIAL INFORMAL INSTRUCT TELL 040613 %ORDER COMMAND PRESCRIBE PROSCRIBE PERCEIVE DEVIL 040613 %DISCERN ANALYZE UNDERSTAND IGNORE BELIEVE THINK IT 040613 %FEEL DESIRE DREAM ENVISION BEHAVE SHOULD WRITE SIN 040613 %SPEAK DISCUSS DIALOGUE PUBLISH COMMUNICATE MEETING 040613 It is presumptuous, arrogant and destructive for any domineering person, or group of domineering persons, (acting officially or informally) to do any of the following under the EXTANT CONDITIONS noted below: 1. "INSTRUCT" anyone about what they should --- or should-not: perceive, discern, analyze, understand, ignore, believe, think, feel or desire. 2. "INSTRUCT" anyone about what they should --- or should-not: write, speak, discuss, publish, or otherwise communicate in private or in public. 3. "INSTRUCT" anyone about whom they should: respect, honor, trust, associate with, meet with, love or be intimate with. EXTANT CONDITIONS ARE NOTED BELOW A. The domineering person(s) are not well informed about the past: experiences, family-life, personal- relationships, faith-journey, educational-training, cultural-contexts, work-experiences, and/or medical histories of the person(s) they attempt to "INSTRUCT". B. The domineering person(s) have not demonstrated in public ways significant commitments to, and support for, the rights enumerated in: the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" through the United Nations, their nation's constitution, their state's constitution and/or their other organizations" constitutions, bylaws and administrative rules. C. The domineering person(s) are in significant ways more: powerful, wealthy, respected, honored, well- educated, well-housed, well-clothed, protected, invulnerable, etc. --- than the persons whom they attempt to "INSTRUCT". (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================