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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %GENERATION EVIL RELATIONSHIPS IMPOSSIBLE POINT SIN 040503 %CALL UNILATERAL ATTENTION PASTE EXTERNAL LABEL GOD 040503 %LIBERATION RECONCILIATION HEALING FORGIVE SERVICES 040503 %CONTEXT SITUATION ETHICS MOALITY ALIENATION ANGERS 040503 %CONTENTIOUSNESS COERCION REBELLION ANGER REVENGE 040503 %ESTRANGE AVOIDANCE SECRECY DISHONESTY DECEPTION 040503 "EVIL" is often-generated-by and often-exists-and- persists within-the-contexts-of --- "EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS". "EVIL" is relatively-rarely-generated-by and relatively-rarely-exists-and-persists outside-of-the- contexts-of --- EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS". It is OFTEN-POSSIBLE to call attention to and see "EVIL" within-the-contexts-of --- "EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS". It is IMPOSSIBLE to call attention to and see "EVIL" outside-of-the-contexts-of --- "EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS" --- for attempts to do so create EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. Outside-of-the-contexts-of RELATIONSHIPS there are no EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS; because RELATIONSHIPS include all EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS are a subset of RELATIONSHIPS, because RELATIONSHIPS include: 1. EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS along with --- 2. HEALTHY-RELATIONSHIPS, 3. RECONCILED-RELATIONSHIPS, 4. RECONCILING-RELATIONSHIPS, 5. DYSFUNCTIONAL-RELATIONSHIPS, 6. ALIENATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 7. INTEGRATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 8. DISINTEGRATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 9. DESTRUCTIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 10. IMPERSONAL-RELATIONSHIPS, 11. OBJECTIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 12. REFLEXIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 13. MATHMATICAL-RELATIONSHIPS, 14. MEASURABLE-RELATIONSHIPS, 15. MYSTERIOUS-RELATIONSHIPS, 16. SACRED-RELATIONSHIPS, 17. HOLY-RELATIONSHIPS, 18. MORTAL-RELATIONSHIPS, 19. ETERNAL-RELATIONSHIPS, 20. ALIENATIVE-RELATIONSHIPS, 21. PEACEMAKING-RELAIONSHIPS, 22. WAR-MAKING-RELATIONSHIPS, etc. EVIL pertains to ASPECTS-of-PERSONAL-RELATIONSHIPS which are characterized by NEGATIVE personal-realities such as: 1. DIS-EASE, 2. ALIENATION, 3. CONTENTIOUSNESS, 4. COERCION, 5. REBELLION, 6. ANGER, 7. REVENGE, 8. ESTRANGEMENT, 9. AVOIDANCE, 10. SECRECY, 11. DISHONESTY, 12. DECEPTION, 13. PRETENTIOUSNESS, 14. ARROGANCE, 15. SELF-RIGHEOUSNESS, 16. DOMINATION, 17. VIOLENCE, 18. DESTRUCTION, 19. TERRORISM, 20. THREATS, 21. PUNISHMENTS, 22. ISOLATION, 23. LONLINESS, 24. IMPRISONMENT, 25. CONSTRAINTS, 26. IMPOSITIONS, 27. ARTIFICIALITY, 28. PERSONAL-IMBALANCE, etc. Above within some contexts much care needs to be taken to avoid associating the word "PERSONAL" with any judgmental connotations of "superiority" --- beyond pointing to "having to do with vital-living-relationships" within, between, and among BEINGS that are ALIVE; as distinct from IN-ANIMATE-OBJECTS and ABSTRACT- REALITIES that show/demonstrate NO SIGNS-of-VITALITY; e.g., showing/demonstrating NO significant SIGNS of: initiatives, intentions, interest, responsiveness, self-motivation, self-direction, self-awareness, self- expression, mutual-awareness, focus, communication, dialogue, listening, responsiveness, reciprocity, generosity, sharing, giving, receiving, acknowledgement, integrity, integration, bonding, playing, intimacy, recreation, learning, coherence, growth, adaptation, consideration, thinking, problem-solving, spontaneity, authenticity, memory, remembering, acknowledgement, desires, anticipations, expectations, articulation, creativity, etc. EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS involve PROCESSES which lead to the REDUCTION-OF and/or the ELIMINATION-OF any and/or all of the above SIGNS-of-VIATALITY. EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS entail deadly PROCESSES which lead to death; i.e., the reduction of SIGNS-of-VITALITY. The above is intentionally articulated in ways which exclude the following --- from the realm of realities which may, with integrity, be said to BE-EVIL: 1. Inanimate-objects, 2. Abstractions, 3. Numbers, 4. Words, 5. Images, 6. Pictures, 7. Sounds, 8. Places, 9. Isolated-individuals-as-such-alone, 10. Alienated-individuals-as-such-alone, 11. Ideas, 12. Concepts, 13. Classes; i.e., collections of the above, 14. Labeled "things" in and of themselves, 15. Rejected "things" in and of themselves, 16. Excluded "things" in and of themselves. Here "in-and-of-themselves" is to indicate "in-the- absence-of-relationships". It is misleading to attribute "EVIL" to anything APART-FOR-HOW-IT-IS-RELATED-TO-THE-ONE- MAKING-THE-ATTRIBUTION. We cannot say with-integrity that anything is "in- and-of-itself" EVIL --- because doing so leads through disintegration to EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS which lack integrity; i.e., lack personal-integrities, lack-communal integrities; and lack integrations-in-process. THERE-IS-CREATED an EVIL-RELATIONSHIP-BETWEEN-THE-1- MAKING-AN-ATTRIBUTION-OF-EVIL and that to which AN- ATTRIBUTION-OF-EVIL-IS-MADE in-and-of-itself-as-separated- from-the-1-attributor-of-EVIL. Such EVIL-RELATINSHIPS are created by those who unilaterally attribute "EVIL" to that which they separate-from-themselves through deadly processes of: exclusion, excommunication, rejection, alienation, isolation, banishment, disintegration, destruction, violence, coercion, objectification, etc. It is NOT-POSSIBLE to call INTEGRATIVE-ATTENTION to and to see "EVIL" as existing OUTSIDE-OF the contexts of "EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS" --- without thereby creating "EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS" within-which-contexts EVIL-IS-THEN- EXPERIENCED. People who ONLY: study, focus upon, describe, classify, label and/or try to manage things-and- relationships-among-things which are separated-from- themselves --- thereby create "EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS" through separations from, objectifications of, and alienations from BEINGS who are VITAL-and-ALIVE; i.e., they thereby create EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. Within EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS those who are trapped therein --- cannot resolve their own reflexive-dilemmas generated by their own incoherent/non-cooperative unilateral efforts to solve-problems technocratically and/or unilaterally; rather than cooperatively as inherently-equal-beings who are intimately communicating with each other within open and honest dialogue within sanctuaries that they build together for the mutual enjoyment of all who are involved. To the extent that people ONLY study, describe, classify, label and/or try to "objectify and manage" things and relationships among "things" which are separated-from-themselves (e.g., from the describers, classifiers, labelers, objectifiers, mangers, and the dominant ones) they --- thereby create "EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS" through separations from, objectifications of, and alienations from BEINGS who are VITAL-and-ALIVE; i.e., they thereby create EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. Domineering people act in ways which create EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS; making exceedingly difficult any measure of mutual: understanding, dialogue, cooperation, collaboration, sharing, intimacy, enjoyment, and discernment --- of the ways/paths to reconciliation, healing, integration and integrities. Exclusivities and alienations lead to disintegration and death. Inclusive-complementations lead to vitality and enjoyment. Exclusive, unilateral and domineering efforts lead to disintegration and death. By their fruits we may recognize and know the natures of contrasting efforts. Their fruits are authoritative! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================