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%LARGE SMALL INTIMATE GROUPS ORGANIZATIONS INSTITUE 040418 %CHURCH RELIGION DOCTRINE CONFESSIONAL STATEMENTS 040418 %COLLECTIVE WISDOM MOB PSYCHOLOGY DICTATOR LORDS IT 040418 %I-THOU DEVIL RELATIONSHIPS ADDICTIONS CODEPENDENCE 040418 %CLAIM SAFER DEFENSIVE FEARFUL RELATIONSHIPS GOODS 040418 %DICHOTOMOUS EITHER/OR QUESTIONS ANSWERS DEMANDS 040418 Domineering people often claim: 1. It is safer to trust the collective wisdom of a large group, than the wisdom/prudence of a creative individual. (The reverse is claimed by True-Lovers.) 2. It is safer to trust the wisdom/prudence of a refined legal-system-of-laws, than the wisdom/prudence of True-Lovers. (The reverse is claimed by True-Lovers.) Claims, and the reverse of such claims, often are perverted by dichotomous-thinking; i.e., coercion into either/or questions and either/or answers where honest people are never permitted to respond to the original questioner and question in ways which question: the INTEGRITY of the question and/or questioner, the ASSUMPTIONS of the question and/or questioner, the ATTITUDES of the question and/or questioner, the MOTIVATIONS of the question and/or questioner, the AUTHORITY of the question and/or questioner, the POWER of the question and/or questioner, the COLLUSIONS of the question and/or questioner, the EXCLUSIONS of the question and/or questioner, etc. Usually wisdom and prudence entail COMPLEMENTARY considerations which are EXCLUDED by dichotomous QUESTIONS and QUESTIONERS. DICHOTOMOUS questions and questioners often lack INTEGRITY because of the tacit/hidden: ASSUMPTIONS, ATTITUDES, MOTIVATIONS, AUTHORITY, FALLEN-POWERS and COLLUSIONS --- which are seen for what they are by systematic considerations by AUTHENTIC SYSTEMS-ANALYSISTS --- who are dedicated to honestly considering all parts of and to the whole of the whole system of complexly interacting parts and aspects. DOMINEERING AND DICHOTOMOUS people often seek to exclude from consideration some essential foundations of both personal and communal integrities and integrations --- in order to facilitate greater domination and control. Domination/control of the process of discernment does not promote either personal integrity/integrations or communal integrity/integrations. No one ideal-form can wisely/prudently be allowed to be DOMINANT or GOD within a CONFORMAL-SYSTEM in the absence of True-Lovers who are excluded from the process of discernment. Domineering and dichotomous people often manipulate "things" for reasons of selfish-gain: 1. Belief/trust in magical spirits and powers. 2. Dis-belief/dis-trust in scientific descriptions. 3. The concentration of Fallen-Powers-That-Be. 4. The exclusion of vulnerable/powerless peoples. 5. The exclusion of vulnerable/powerless ideals. 6. The exclusion of vulnerable/powerless values. 7. The exclusion of vulnerable/powerless beings. 8. The exclusion of vulnerable/powerless visions. 9. Trust in ancient traditions/authorities. 10. Dis-belief/distrust in our own experiences now. We cannot be wise and/or prudent without in some way transcending the dis-integrative processes pointed to above and confirmed by our own experiences as we encounter "The Fallen Powers That Be" in our own diverse lives. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================