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%DOMINATION SYSTEMS GODS ULTIMATE CONCERNS FAITHFUL 040402 %BETRAYAL ENEMY TRAITOR COLLUSIVE GAMES SELF OTHERS 040402 %MUTUAL DECEPTION DISHONESTY PRETENTIOUS ARROGANCES 040402 %COHERENT COERCION VIOLENCE TERRORISM WARS ATTACKS 040402 %BUBER I-IT I-THOU PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS DEVILS IS 040402 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL DISINTEGRATION CHAOS ENTROPY SEX 040402 When a domineering persons friend transcends "The Domination System" and is faithful in an integrative way to a spectrum of of complementary values and ideals which are coherent with each other and with the essential foundations for both personal and communal integrity --- the domineering person is likely to view the friend as guilty of personal betrayal. Faithful supporters of "The Domination System" are ultimately concerned with maintaining their cosmic view of what/who is right; and ultimately concerned with who are the enemies of what/who is right. They cannot conceive of the to-them-unthinkable diverse and coherent integrities which-call-into-question The Domination System's demands: 1. For ultimate loyalty and concern with It alone. 2. That dishonesty be used-faithfully to support It. 3. That many complimentary values/ideals be ignored. 4. That the calls of Love be ignored for It. 5. That reconciliation with enemies be avoided. 6. That thoughtful people be regarded as enemies. 7. That True-Lovers be viewed as ultimate enemies. 8. That It be the exclusive focus of human concern. 9. That Love be regarded as impotent/misguided. 10. That coercion and violence be regarded as good. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================