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%TRUE LOVERS RECOGNIZE NAME ACKNOWLEDGE DESCRIBE 040330 %COMPLICATED DIFFICULT HELPFUL FACILITATIVE GUIDE 040330 %IDEAL VALUE PRINCIPLES ABSOLUTE TRUTH LAWS RULES 040330 %INTIMATE FRIENDSHIPS SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS NEIGHBOR 040330 %LOVE LAWS COMMANDMENT JUDGE DOMINEERING COERCIVE 040330 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS INDIVIDUALS RISK MANAGEMENT GOD 040330 True-Lovers recognize, name, acknowledge and describe how complicated and difficult it is to articulate helpful and facilitative: suggestions, guidance, guidelines, ideals, values, principles, TRUTH, RULES, LAWS, COMMANDMENTS, JUDGEMENTS, ETC. regarding the evolutions of intimate and sexual relationships between/among many friends and neighbors. It is Not-So among domineering, coercive and violent people --- who desperately try to believe and confess that it is simple and easy to know the difference between Good- People and evil-people --- just by eating regularly of the fruit of the Tree-of-the-Knowledge of Good-People and of evil-people. They know well where The-Tree is in the Middle-of- Heaven in God's-Eternal-Presence and Knowledge --- for they pick/select desirable fruit on a regular basis, and visit publicly with God on a regular basis in the midst of God's Garden on every Sabbath. True-Lovers acknowledge, describe and talk about the inherent difficulties inherent in: 1. Knowing which-people are evil-people, and which- people are good-people --- apart from having difficult-to- discern reliable-knowledge about all-aspects of their intimate-friendships and the healthy-integrative-sexual- aspects of their private-intimate-relationships. 2. Risk-management in regards to openness, honesty, intimacy, jealousy, resentment, disappointments; self- control, controlling-others, controlling-relationships, controlling-dreams, controlling-hopes, and controlling- fantasies --- without engendering coercive/violent conflicts which lead to alienation, estrangement and evil- relationships. 3. Risk-management in regards to diverse people's: arrogance, self-righteousness, pride, purifications, purity, excommunications, exclusivity, inclusivity, tolerance, intolerance, acceptance, salvation, success, achievements, security, insecurity, invulnerability, embarrassments and being-safely-vulnerable. 4. Facilitating and promoting: humility, healthy- friendships-intimacies, personal-communal-integrities, dynamic-stability, open-honest-dialogue, coherence, unity, cooperation, collaboration, true-sanctuaries, shalom, etc. 5. Maintaining-traditions, fulfilling-expectations, proper-conformity, improper-conformity, creativity, imagination, stability, balance, flexibility, rigidity, etc. 6. Prudent-fears, wisdom, imprudent-fears, anxiety, paralysis, paranoia, defensiveness, mob-psychology, gossip, judgmentalism, perfectionism, idealism, etc. 7. Independence, dependence, inter-dependence, individualism, communism, socialism, capitalism, exploration, hospitality, civility, greed, power- concentration, corruption, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================