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%FULLY INTEGRATED PEOPLE COMMUNITIES OPEN HONEST 040330 %ACTUALLY BELIEVE TRULY TRUST FEEL MYTH PARABLE 040330 %SCINTISTS RELIGIOUS DESCRIPTIONS CONFLICT FEARS 040330 %RESOLVE PEACEMAKERS ULTIMATE ORIGINS ENDING HEALTH 040330 %REFLEXIVE RELATIONSHIPS REVERENCE RESPECT TRUSTED 040330 %MITIGATE ACHIEVE SUCCESS ARBITRARY UNILABERAL BEST 040330 Fully integrated people and communities are open and honest with each other about a wide range/spectrum of realities: 1. What they actually/truly believe and trust. 2. What they actually/truly feel and trust. 3. How they view ancient religious myths/parables. 4. How they view modern scientists' descriptions. 5. How they seek to resolve differences/conflicts. 6. The origins of their own evil-relationships. 7. How to mitigate/heal such evil-relationships. 8. What human achievements merit respect/reverence. 9. How best to respond to domineering people/groups. 10. How best to respond to their inevitable deaths. 11. How to deal well with human/environmental limits. 12. How to honestly recognize ultimate possibilities. 13. How to best deal with ultimate impossibilities. 14. How to escape from dichotomous thinking patterns. 15. How to distinguish between problems and dilemmas. Of course the list may helpfully be expanded/edited. Disintegrative persons and communities fail to be open and honest about some of the above realities and/or about other realities not pointed to above. Such tragedies cannot be averted/prevented by trying harder in traditional ways or through technocratic solutions to "problems" which are actually dilemmas. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================