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%EVALUATING HOW TRUSTWORTHY EACH PERSON MAYBE SEEN 040320 %RELIABLE EVIDENCE PREDICTION FUTURE BEHAVIOR DEVIL 040320 %PROBABLE POSSIBILITIES CERTAINTIES HELPFUL VISIONS 040320 %ANTICIPATE EXPECTATIONS THEOLOGY GODS TALKS TEXTS 040320 %RELIGIOUS LEADERS EXCOMMUNICATIONS INQUISITIONS IT 040320 %SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARROGANCE COLLUSION DOMINATIONS 040320 Which of the following are the MOST HELPFUL QUESTIONS TO KEEP IN MIND while trying to decide which people are most worthy of trust, respect, honor, and maybe reverence? 1. What do various people believe to be the natures of heaven and hell, and what kinds of people will end up in each eternal abode? 2. What religious rituals do people perform regularly and with integrity? 3. What kinds of songs and music do people use during their religious activities? 4. What confessional statements do the people recite regularly? 5. To what extent are ancient scriptural texts understood: literally, as parables, as mythological significant, as rhetorical presentations, in the light of ancient cosmologies, in the light of modern cosmologies, in the light of historical research into ancient ways of writing, or in other ways? 6. To what extent do people insist on dealing only with questions which can be answered fully with "yes" or "no" responses. 7. How self-confident are people about their knowing the Will-of-God in each situation? 8. How preoccupied are people with knowing The- Absolute-Truth as distinct from merely relative and partial truths? 9. How exclusive are people while associating with other people who are "different" and "non-conformists"? 10. How well do people tolerate open and honest dialogue with other people who are "different" and "non- conformists"? 11. How preoccupied are people with achieving invulnerability --- seen as the means to security and salvation? 12. How faithfully do people support God's Domination System as a means to assuring people's salvation? 13. How obedient are people in regards to all of the laws, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions and taboos which are written in scriptural passages? 14. How humble, gracious, civil, hospitable, kind and generous are people? 15. How consistently and coherently through words and deeds are people facilitating and promoting diverse personal and communal kinds of integrities? 16. How honestly do people report their own experiences, perceptions, understandings, beliefs and convictions --- when they contrast greatly with and/or complement those of other people who are "different"? 17. How well do people accumulate power, wealth and influence to be used to promote proper kinds of conformity? 18. How respected are "different" people, by many highly respected people? 19. How readily apparent it is that respected people are "good people"? 20. With how wide a range of different kinds of people --- is each individual able to engaged in dialogue that is mutually revealing, meaningful and enlightening? 21. How wide a range of different kinds of people show respect, honor and support for a person who is being evaluated? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================