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%REDUCTION MITIGATION EVIL WITHIN SPACE-SHIP-EARTH 040318 %ENTROPY INDISTINGUISHABLE POSSIBILITIES CHAOS LAWS 040318 %THIRD THERMODYNAMICS CLOSED SYSTEM RELATIONSHIPS 040318 %CREATION EVIL ALIENATION DISTRUST SUSPICION FEARS 040318 %CONSERVED QUANTITIES TRANSFORMATION CONVERSIONS 040318 %LIMITED RESOURCES WORK ENERGY FORMATION RECONCILED 040318 What are the processes by which we might reduce the amount of "evil" in the world; and reduce the amount of each of the realities which are common characteristics- of-and-contributors-to "evil" relationships? To what extent do such processes yield a "net" reduction in "evil" and a "net" reduction in the associated disintegrative realities? Are "evil" and the associated realities "eliminated" or "destroyed"; or are they banished to some other part of the cosmos --- when they are reduced within Space-Ship- Earth? Where does the "evil" go when it is reduced within Space-Ship-Earth? Were do the associated realities go when they are reduced within Space-Ship-Earth? What processes actually reduce the overall amount of: evil, alienation, estrangement, dis-trust, anger, frustration, anxiety, dis-ease, desires-for-revenge, suspicion, secrecy, defenses, insecurity, invulnerability, attacks, contentiousness, imperfections, dishonest- conformity, sins, pretentious-conformity, selfishness, ego-centrism, self-righteousness, perfectionism, judgmentalism, narcissism, etc. --- within Space-Ship- Earth? What processes just concentrate wealth, comfort, health, etc. in some areas --- and concentrate poverty, dis-ease, sickness, etc. in other contrasting areas within Spaceship-Earth? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================