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%UNHEALTHY DOMINEERING RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE FALLEN 040317 %TOLERATE TOLERANCE NONCONFORMAAL FANTASY WORLDS 040317 %INTIMATE SHARING OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE DREAM VISION 040317 %FALSE PROPHETS CONCENTRATEDE CORRUPTED POWER FORCE 040317 %COERCION NONVIOLENCE PEACEMAKING WAR DESTRUCTIONS 040317 %ALIENATION RECONCILIATION FORGIVE HEAL LIBERATIONS 040317 Domineering people cannot/will-not long tolerate people who spend much time in non-conformal fantasy worlds; and especially they cannot/will-not long tolerate people who share with each other details of their non- conformal fantasy worlds of integrity and integrations within which they spend a significant amount of time. Such sharing is suspect! Such sharing might lead to actual overt and public non-conformal behaviors! Non-conformists who spend much time in a fantasy world of non-conformal words, visions, dreams, and fantasies --- may make transitions into realized-worlds of non- conformal works which domineering people cannot dominate/control/coerce to CONFORM to THEIR-EXCLUSIVELY- PROPER patterns of: attitudes, thoughts, dreams, visions, intimate-communications, sexual-communications, and togetherness. To domineering people --- the sharing of insights discerned within a fantasy-world or prayer --- is an illegitimate way for victims of domination- coercion-conformity to escape from their proper- prisons of thoughtless-conformity. Beware! The gracious works of Love and Holy Spirit must not be tolerated! The works of Love and Holy Spirit are NOT PEROPERLY DOMINATED by GOOD: rules, laws, commandments, regulations, obedience, perfectionism, conformists, etc. The works/words of LOVE and Holy Spirit are conSPIRITal Works-of-The-Devil. They are blasphemous and they must never be tolerated or forgiven by PROPER-PEOPLE who faithfully worship and support "The Domination System". We who are PROPERLY self-righteous and PROPERLY arrogant must hang together, else we will fall-apart through intolerable dis-integrations; i.e., through dis- loyalty, dis-obedience, dis-conformity, dis-stance, dis- belief, dis-trust, dis-like, dis-persions, etc. which are all DIS-APPROVED by "The Domination System". Obey! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If we remain unaware of what stands in the way of and blocks the ways in which Love and Holy Sprint subvert domineering people's ability to get to do things in their unilateral ways; we are unlikely to be intentional in supporting the spirit and ways of Love and Holy Sprit --- as they are working in their collaborative works to transform domineering people into True-Lovers. If we are not intentional in supporting the ways of Love and Holy Spirit --- we are likely to get dragged/sucked/seduced into "The Domination System" and all of its disintegrative incarnations. It is not enough to be able to recognize what various "dysfunctional-realities" contribute to: alienation, estrangement, distrust, suspicion, confusion, chaos, coercion, contentiousness, etc. We need ALSO to recognize how the "dysfunctional-realities" interact and support each other in making such contributions and in making the "dysfunctional-realities" seem respectable, proper, right, righteous, etc. Thoughtless identifi- cations of isolated realities are not as helpful as are thoughtful identifications of interactive-realities, their inter-relationships and their various kinds of fruits; both bitter and sweet! Beware of labeling any one isolated reality, person, ideal, value, goal, hope, aspiration, desire, intention, script, dream, vision, etc. --- as being essentially-evil or being essentially-good in all circumstances and/or situations. Such simple-mindedness will MORE PROBABLY lead to EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS than to WELL-INTEGRATED- RELATIONSHIPS. Beware of labeling any one isolated RELATIONSHIP as essentially-evil or essentially-good in all circumstances and/or situations. Such simple-mindedness will MOST probably lead to EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS, rather than to WELL- INTEGRATED-RELATIONSHIPS. Healthy RELATIONSHIPS are created primarily by the participants in the relationships --- through the manner of their cooperation, collaborations and being together in giving open and honest expression to their own diverse: attitudes, assumptions, questions, doubts, beliefs, convictions, perspectives, ideals, values, principles, hopes, aspirations, visions, dreams, fantasies, creativity, etc. Healthy RELATIONSHIPS are NOT created or sustained primarily by unilateral declarations, demands, commandments, expectations, etc. on the part of people who are NOT the primary-participants in the relationships --- no matter how much power they may have to be unilaterally-domineering, coercive, violent, destructive, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================