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%BURNING CHRISTIAN PROPHETS STAKES ANCIENT ARAMAIC 040315 %GOD ETERNAL UNCHANGING LANGUAGE MYTHS COSMOLOGY GO 040315 %LETTING RELAXING RULE LAW PROHIBITION PRESCRIPTION 040315 %PROSCRIPTION DESCRIPTION SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT SEX 040315 %UNCHANGING TRADITIONS FIRST CHRISTIAN CONSTANTINE 040315 %OWN OTHERS EXPERIENCES DISCERNMENT DREAM VISIONS 040315 What if God changes-not and still speaks only ancient Aramaic as did Abraham, Sara and their descendents? Would we have to learn ancient Aramaic to pray to God so God would understand us, and so we could hear and understand what God has to say to us today in His Eternal Aramaic Language? What if Christian Church Leaders out of faithfulness to ancient unchanging traditions were to still speak only ancient Aramaic as did Abraham, Sara and their des- cendents? Would non-Christians have to learn ancient Aramaic to hear and understand the message of salvation which Aramaic speaking Christians would bring to them? What if Christian Church Leaders --- out of faithfulness to unchanging ancient traditions --- were still to speak only in the languages of the myths and cosmologies of the earliest Christian Church leaders who lived during the first four centuries of Christian Churches; e.g., with their: flat-earth, earth-centered, Gods-in-Heaven-Above (Hebrew, Greek and Roman gods), Hell- below-the-surface-of-the-earth; moon, planets, sun and stars circling the Flat-Earth; ruled by domineering Kings, Lords, and Military-Emperors such as the Caesars and Constantine. Would non-Christians have to learn the myths and cosmologies of the ancient world to understand the unchanging message brought by unchanging Christian evangelists? What would happen to prophets to whom God might speak in the modern languages understood by the most highly educated members of the Crew of Space-Ship-Earth --- in Orbit about an average star called the Sun, in which is in turn in orbit about the black holes at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which galaxy is in a mutual orbit with the Andromeda Galaxy as the Dominant-Duo of the Local-Cluster-of-Galaxies within our expanding cosmos since the beginning of time, space, matter and knowledge --- starting at the infinitesimal instant of creation? What if such prophets to whom God has spoken were not properly ordained --- because their integrative life- styles as True-Lovers did not conform to proper church: doctrines, rituals, traditions and rules of discipline? Might the dominant church leaders give orders to them to cease and desist from telling others what God-who-is- Love-Incarnate has revealed to them? Might God's messengers be "burned at the stake" for disobedience? Why not? For secular reasons? For political reasons? For religious reasons? For scientific reasons? Who knows? How can we know and be absolutely sure about ABSOLUTE TRUTHS? What would happen if dominant and demonic church/political leaders refused to pay attention to God's messages sent via messengers (who of old were called "Magi from the East") --- now sent to modern church/political leaders as God's modern astronomers/cosmologists who have apprehended refined understandings of God's evidence displayed across the night sky --- now detectable/recordable through the use of precisely mounted telescopes and finely-made precise setting-circles --- designed to compensate for Space-Ship- Earth's daily rotation on its polar axis once every 23 hours and 56 seconds --- to make beautiful time-exposure- pictures of exceedingly distant portions of the night-sky? What would happen if modern dominant and demonic church/political leaders refused to pay much attention to highly respected and honored Space-Scientists who have placed a very modern and precise telescope in orbit around Space-Ship-Earth --- and named the telescope in honor of a humble donkey- cart-driver turned humble-janitor turned humble-astronomer who discerned evidence of God's immense and expanding creation --- which started about 13,700,000,000 years ago in a flash of inspiration before there was any time, space, stuff, information, incarnation or knowledge? What are today's bright, successful and wealthy young people to think of such arrogance on the part of church and political leaders, and what are they to think of such people's EXCLUSIVE-CHURCHES and POLITICAL-PARTIES? What will happen if such arrogant leaders continue to dismiss and ignore God's Scientific/Scholarly Messengers, who are experts in the multiple uses of the multiple modern-precise-languages of: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, neurology, psychology, sociology, chaos-theory, astro-physics, and trans-disciplinary systems-analysis --- through which to better understand complex and intricately interactive extended systems within the environments of Space-Ship-Earth and within Space-Ship-Earth's extended cosmic environments? What will happen if arrogant leaders continue to pride themselves on how well they promote peace, unity and purity within their traditional sanctuaries and brains --- by whom, what, and how they exclude as "different" people, ideas, ideals, values and principles --- through the perpetual purification rituals of shunning, prejudice, ignorance and excommunication --- of people who insist upon engaging in open and honest dialogue about how wealthy-and-powerful domineering-people abuse vulnerable people who are poor, thirsty, hungry, dis-eased, sick, mentally-ill, naked, homeless and politically oppressed? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================