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%INAPPROPRIATE MISLEADING ATTRIBUTION GOOD EVIL GOD 040312 %PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS I-IT I-THOU SITUATION OTHER 040312 %SELF WAY PRIMARY ULTIMATE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE VALUE 040312 %IDEALS PRINCIPLE ALIENATION ESTRANGEMENT ARROGANCE 040312 %ARROGANCE PRETENTIOUS VIOLENCE UNILATERAL BALANCE 040312 %TRUE-LOVE RECONCILIATION HUMILITY GENTLE ASSIST 040312 That which is "good" in our-relationships in some situations/circumstances --- may in other situations and/or circumstances be-in-relationship-with-us in ways which constitute EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. "Good" and "evil" pertain primarily to OUR-RELATIONSHIPS. EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS are characterized by: alienation, estrangement, misunderstandings, mis-leadings, arrogance, pretentiousness, self-righteousness, coercion, violence, unilateralisms, prejudice, ignorance, contentiousness, exclusivity, imbalance, power-concentrations, power- corruptions, wealth-concentrations, judgmentalism, legalisms, demands, commands, prescriptions, proscriptions, etc. GOOD-RELATIONSHIPS are characterized by: true-love, reconciliation, mutual-understanding, role-modeling, humility, kindness, gentleness, assistance, facilitations, cooperation, collaboration, balance, power-sharing, patience, hospitality, civility, generosity, sympathy, empathy, kindness, etc. "Goodness" and "evil" are not attributes of ISOLATED: people, things, groups, ideas, ideals, values, principles, texts, books, images, visions, dreams, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, etc. --- APART FROM HOW PEOPLE ARE RELATED TO EACH OTHER within relationships. "Goodness" and "evil" are attributes of HOW PEOPLE ARE RELATED TO EACH OTHER WITH SUCH "characteristics"; i.e., attributes of the RELATIONSHIPS within which they/we are together as participants. In the absence of personal relationships the attributions "GOOD" AND "EVIL" are misleading attributions which facilitate and promote our EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS. Such attributions cannot properly be made in the absence of RELATIONSHIPS. No one can make such a VALUE-ATTRIBUTION while remaining outside of PERSONAL/VALUE-RELATIONSHIPS. Often the act of making such a misleading-attribution will create an EVIL-RELATIONSHIP; yet there be no essentially GOOD or EVIL --- thing or person present --- because the attributions GOOD and EVIL make sense only as regards RELATIONSHIPS. It makes no sense and does no good to attribute: A color, to God's hair or skin. A number of kilograms, to God's mass. A wavelength, to a thunder-cloud in the sky. An intention, to a lump of dirt. "Evil", to 3.14159265, or to another number. "Goodness" to the number 13. "Evil" to your paranoid/isolated enemy. "Goodness" to your imperfect and fearful friend. Beware of inappropriate and misleading attributions! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================