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%CONSTRAIN RESTRAIN DISCUSSION CHURCHES AVOID SIN 040308 %PURITY PURIFICATION EXCOMMUNICATE ALIENATION GOD 040308 %EVOLUTION CHRISTIAN BELIEFS DOCTRINE CONFESSIONAL 040308 %DOMINATION POWER CONCENTRRATION CORRUPTION DEVIL 040308 %EMPEROR CONSTANTINE'S SWORD MILITARISTIC SOLUTION 040308 %HUMAN DIFFERENCES IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLES VISION 040308 Far too often domineering religious leaders have maintained control over the thought patterns of their disciples by constraining/restraining discussions within churches to AVOID there being ANY DISCUSSIONS about: 1. The evolution of the beliefs of Christians during the years 30 AD to about 500 AD. 2. The effect on church history of Emperor Constantine achieving dominance in the Roman Empire through killing competitor generals and then achieving dominance over Christians by killing discussions of diverse different beliefs of the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth --- during Constantine's leadership over the formation of the Nicene Creed --- perhaps to consolodate his own powers. 3. The teachings of early Christian Mystics as compared with the dominant Christians who survived by eliminating the teachings of most early Christian Mystics. 4. The concentration of power into the hands of the dominant early leaders of the Christian Churches --- and the consequent corruption of those Christian leaders. 5. The significant roles of women within the early Christian churches --- as compared to within the later Christian churches. 6. The origins of and the logic of the repression of healthy human sexuality within Christian communities --- in spite of the centrality of Love in the teachings of Jesus and of women in the early Christian communities. 7. The prominent roles played by coercion, violence, domination, and abuse within Christian communities --- in spite of the teachings of Jesus which focus upon peacemaking, Love, sacrifice, service, reconciliation, healing, forgiveness, etc. 8. The prominent roles played by pretentiousness, arrogance, deception, collusions, addictions, codependencies, conformity, etc. within Christian communities --- in spite of the teaching of Jesus which focus upon honesty, authenticity, humility, integrity, and Love. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================