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%FEARFUL INDIVIDUALS EXCLUSIVE PRIORITIES EVIL SIN 040301 %RELATIONSHIPS ALIENATIVE IDEALS IDEAS VALUES KNOWN 040301 %GOOD GOD DEVILS DOMINATION EXPONENTIAL IGNORANCE 040301 %CONFUSION CHAOS KNOWN TRUTHS COLLUSIONS SYSTEMS 040301 %ANALYSIS ESTRANGEMENT SEPARATION UNILATERALLY SEX 040301 %IDOLATRY COMPLEMENTARY PARADOX AMBIGUOUS ABSOLUTE 040301 Fearful people often set priorities in EXCLUSIVE ways which are chosen because of which people, ideals, ideas, insights, revelations, values, principles, and considerations will be EXCLUDED. The purpose served by such priorities is that of EXCLUSION of what is feared; not to facilitate integration, healing, reconciliation, peacemaking, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, prudence, etc. The process of setting such priorities is not necessarily conscious or intentional; it may be quite un- conscious, thoughtless and unintentional. The process of exclusively/unilaterally setting priorities has often been followed by people who have been dominated, have been domineering, and/or are in the process of becoming domineering. It is a process which is driven by self-augmenting and exponentially growing fearful considerations; motivated and driven by fear, ignorance, prejudice, confusion and chaos. We may recognize and known such people and processes by their fruits of: alienation, estrangement, separation, fragmentation and violence. Their processes are often idolatrous because of the exclusivity which dominated the process. The essential foundations for personal and communal integrities are excluded from consideration and such exclusivity promote negative/bitter results/fruits. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================