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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %INHERENTLY DEFECTIVE ORIGINAL SINER MATTER PEOPLE 040113 %EVIL INDIVIDUALS ACTIONS THOUGHTS DESIRES HOPES 040113 %TRUE CONFORMITY UNILATERALLY IMPOSED FROM OUTSIDE 040113 %COERCION VIOLENCE HOLY RELIGIOUS WARS ATTACKS GOD 040113 %DOMINATION SYSTEM SYSTEMIC ANALYSIS FRAGMENTATION 040113 %DESIRE SEDUCTION INTIMACY SEXUALITY COOPERATION 040113 Domineering people find the following kinds of assumptions, beliefs and convictions compatible with and supportive of their felt needs to be dominant and in control of all things: 1. The universe is inherently defective and prone to become chaotic --- in the absence of the unilateral- imposition of ideal-forms upon defective-matter and defective-people. Law and order come from outside the realm of imperfect people and their evil desires. 2. All people are born with original-sin which makes them on their own to be prone to make bad/wrong decisions; so sinners need the reliable guidance of domineering people who know what is WRITE (properly written), and what is WRONG; what is ABSOLUTELY-TRUE and what is ABSOLUTELY- FALSE; what individuals' acts are truly RIGHTEOUS-ACTS and what individuals' acts are wrong EVIL-ACTS --- according to the WORDS-OF-GOD which have been WRITTEN down by dominant SCRIBES to tell all people what are the IDEAL- FORMS created by God in the beginning of time, space, defective-matter and true-knowledge about ideal-forms. 3. In the absence of AUTHORITATIVE-PERMISSION any action is an EVIL-ACT. Only in the presence of an approved AUTHORITATIVE-COMMANDMENT is an act a GOOD-ACT ordained by GOD. Only dominant men can give AUTHORITATIVE-PERMISSION. 4. Only dominant men can rule reliably about whether an act was a good individual's-action, or an evil individual's-action. 5. True integrity is based upon conformity to the ideal-forms which domineering men know-and-impose upon imperfect-beings who would otherwise behave in chaotic ways which violate good-laws and good-orders. 6. The above truths have been confirmed by scientists who have proven that entropy is always increasing at all times and places; except where good men impose good laws and good orders to insure that ideal- forms are conformed-to --- through formal procedures governed by dominant men. 7. The world is being fundamentally threatened by evil powers! Unless we do the absolutely right coercive things the world will collapse in the wrong way. We are the only dominant ones capable to doing the right coercive things to prevent the collapse of the world. 8. We must return to the ancient fundamental truths and traditions. The world is threatened because many dominant people have let go of the ancient truths, traditions, laws, beliefs, scriptures and rituals. We righteous dominant people must take control in firm ways and set things on the right course toward full domination. 9. Balance, equality, egalitarians and true democracy must be opposed --- to protect the rights and authority of good and authorized domineering leaders. Domineering authoritarians cannot permit there to be balance, equality, egalitarians and true democracy as regards vulnerability and authority. "The Domination System" prohibits authorized loyal supporters from ever accepting any kind of vulnerability due to real honesty, friendship or intimacy on their parts. The domineering leaders must be the true authoritarians at all times. Beware of "True-Lovers" who insist that there must be equality and balance as regards vulnerability and authority within truly intimate and healthy relationships! - - - - - - - - - - When domineering people unilaterally grab for and "get" what they thought they wanted; they discover that what they "got" was not truly what they yearned for. They then blame somebody else (who is conveniently available) for their own failure; because they "the most powerful one" cannot possibly be the one who is at fault. In the absence of cooperation we cannot possibly enjoy what we truly yearn for; for enjoyment comes through cooperation and collaboration. - - - - - - - - - - Domineering people ostensibly justify their patterns of attitudes, thoughts and actions in terms of their good intentions and plans; i.e., maintaining law and order for the good of all members of the community. In the absence of their dominant leadership there would be chaos! Their ostensible justifications lack integrity because: 1. The evidence is that terrorists, wars, inquisitions, and crusades have not promoted true law and order. 2. Domineering people have not included in their theoretical consideration adequate explicit attention to the unavoidable natural consequences of: anger, resentment, revenge, dishonesty, secrecy, pretentious- ness, arrogance, self-righteousness, alienation, excom- munications, estrangement and other like disintegrative patterns. 3. Collusive games of mutual self deception blind players and spectators alike. They all promote ignorance, misunderstanding and prejudice. Then few people can clearly anticipate the likely consequences of various possible courses of action. 4. Victims of domineering people are not likely to be open and honest with the domineering people, and so the domineering leaders cannot base their decisions and actions upon reliable information --- even if they were to want to do so on some occasion. - - - - - - - - True-Lovers find that the above considerations expose/reveal attitudes, beliefs and convictions which are: biased, prejudiced, uninformed, dis-eased, mis- informed, mis-leading and so lead people into EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS which they do not recognize as such. Partial-truths are not impartial. Partial-truths do not demonstrate integrity. Exclusive-truths lack integrity. Exclusive-people lack integrity and resist integration. The diverse creative integrities of True-Lovers disturb the comfort levels of comfortable domineering people --- who have concentrated into their own hands excessive wealth, power and self-confidence --- at the expense of the integrities of poor people who are vulnerable; e.g., thirsty, hungry, homeless, naked, sick, ill-at-ease, dis-eased, ignorant and confused about the nature of their own EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================