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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SIN FALSE PRIDE FALLS COOPERATION COLABORATION GOD 031003 %UNDERMINE TOGETHERNESS REVERENCE RESPECT HONOR SIN 031003 %GOODNESS DEVIL PEOPLE RELATIONSHIPS SCRIPTS DRAMAS 031003 %HELP RESCUE FAILED CONFORMITY SUCCESS FORMULAS SEX 031003 %CREATIVE IMAGINATION DREAMS VISIONS CONTROLS ANGER 031003 %LAWS PRESCRIPTIONS PROSCRIPTIONS DOMINATION LORDS 031003 "Good" people who regard the essence of "goodness" to be demonstrated by their "successful" conFORMity to "good" laws, pre-script-ions, pro-script-ions, scripts and script-ures --- are prone to want to share their "goodness" --- by "helping" other people to conFORM to their "good" laws, pre-script-ions, pro-script-ions and script-ures; --- e.g., to "good" people's "good" laws, pre- script-ions, pro-script-ions, scripts and script-ures --- in the drama which the "good" people want to direct, manage, dominate, and/or control. Following this tragic pattern of "thinking" most self-identified "good" people --- are prone to think of those people who are "not successful" in conFORMing to their "good" laws, pre-script-ions, pro-script-ions & script-ures --- as "evil" people; who are so labeled-as-such by "good" people --- whose competence is demonstrated by their "successful" acts of facilitating con-FORM-ity. This tragic pattern of "FORM-al good thinking" fails to give careful consideration to the ways in which the presumably "good thinking" leads to EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS which are characterized by: alienation, estrangement, ignorance, misunderstand-ings, confusion, resentment, rebellion, etc. Presumably "good people" cannot see what their own roles have been in helping to create EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS --- that have in turn made it exceedingly difficult --- for the people who are trapped in EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS to be successful in any meaningful way. Patterns of con-FORM-ity do not lead people to successfully understand how focusing upon con-FORM-ity-to- ideal-FORMs as the essence of "goodness" --- undermines the possibility of understanding the TRAGIC-ROLES which "good people" play in creating and maintaining EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS --- which in turn undermine the possibility of co-operative/co-laborative work on the part of complementary different people. Because ALIENATED-PEOPLE cannot understand their own dysfunctional relationships --- alienated people cannot co-operate or engage in truly co-laborative behavior patterns which bear sweet fruits for all of them to enjoy together. The roots of evil are nurished by people's ALIENATION within EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. Healthy people work constantly to avoid and mitigate all FORMs of ALIENATION. Healthy people do not work in terms of any pattern of ALIENATIVE-IDENTIFICATIONS and LABELING of "good-people" and "evil-people". False-pride leads to THE FALLS which undermine cooperation and colaborative works. Be aware-of and beware-of mis- leading: FORMS, SCRIPTS and LEADERS with their bitter fruits! See another nearly inter-related essay written on this date with this note at the end of it. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================