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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %WORDS POINT CONTRASTING REALITIES RELIABLE PATTERN 030621 %SORT ORGANIZE MAKE SENSE OUR EXPERIENCE EXPERIMENT 030621 %ASSUMPTIONS ATTITUDES DOMINEERING PEOPLE TRUE LOVE 030621 %EVIL RELATIONSHIP DIFFERENT PEOPLE REJECTED ALIENS 030621 %RISKS HEAL RECONCILE ACCEPTANCE FRIENDSHIPS FALLEN 030621 %DISTRUST NONCONFORMITY DISLOYALTY CREATIVITY DREAM 030621 The words-below point to contrasting-realities; but the words-below are NOT sorted into any reliable-pattern as to how domineering-people and true-lovers may regard the contrasting-realities to-which the words-below may- point. There are senses in which each of us needs to sort out the words-below into reliable-patterns which make- sense to us in terms of our-own-experiences. How we sort-out the words-below depends much upon the extent to which we have brought with us the patterns of assumptions and attitudes of domineering-people --- as compared to the patterns of attitudes and assumptions of true-lovers. Realities which may APPEAR GOOD to people who are embedded within one pattern of assumptions and attitudes --- will IN CONTRAST be recognized as associated with EVIL RELATIONSHIPS ---by people who are embedded within the contrasting patters of assumptions and attitudes of "different" people. Note that nothing has been said here to identity which people are "good" and which people are "evil". Here the word "good" has been used only as regards how realities appear. The word "evil" has been used only with regard to relationships. Clarity about when the words "good" and "evil" can be used helpfully ---- is not easily articulated. Often the two contrasting words are used in ways which are NOT HELPFUL. It is generally NOT HELPFUL to use the two contrasting words in attempts to sort out people into two contrasting groups of people. It may be helpful to try to discern the motivations and intentions of people --- by taking note of the contrasting ways in which people respond to the realities to which the people perceive the following words to point. Not all people will agree on which reality (or realities) any one word below points. What some people regard as "good"; other people may regard as "evil". Beware of thinking that "different" people see things the same way --- that you see things. In particular, domineering-people and true-lovers are likely to see many realities in highly contrasting ways. People are likely to find it difficult to understand just why they see realities in such contrasting ways. Their senses of justice are likely to contrast greatly. Beware of believing that you, or your friends, know what is absolutely true! There probably is no absolutely correct way to sort out the following words into contrasting groups of words --- by what kinds of realities the words point to. Different people see the words pointing in different ways! Who is to say reliably that their own particular way of seeing --- is the one right way of seeing? How would you (for your own reasons) sort the following words (and what they for you point to) into a reasonable pattern? 1 Risks 2. Thoughts 3. Desires 4. Behaviors 5. Relations 6. Images 7. Descriptions 8. Honesty 9. Communications 10. Intimacy 11. Controls 12. Standards 13. Policing 14. Alienation 15. Defenses 16. Vulnerable 17. Changes 18. Boundaries 19. Limits 20. Limitations 21. Domination 22. Collusions 23. Addictions 24. Cooperation 25. Lovers 26. Contenders 27. Contests 28. Coercion 29. Violence 30. Surrender 31. Friendship 32. Exploration 33. Experiments 34. Description 35. Reports 36. Publications 37. Permissions 38. Invitations 39. Demands 40. Courtships 41. Fears 42. Motivations 43. Plans 44. Goals 45. Lacks 46. Absences 47. Balances 48. Mutuality How would you (for your own reasons) sort the above words into a meaningful pattern --- suggesting how domineering-people and true-lovers may regard the contrasting-realities to-which the words may-point? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================