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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LET-GO-OF RECOGNIZE COMMON LIKE ROOTS FREQUENT EGO 030613 %RELAX DEFENSIVE OFFENSIVE NARCISSISM TENSION FEARS 030613 %ANXIETY EXCLUSIVE ARROGANCE SELF RIGHTEOUS ADDICT 030613 %SIMPLISTIC UNDERSTANDING RESPONSES COMPLEXITY SINS 030613 %EVIL PEOPLE RELATIONSHIPS EXCOMMUNICATIONS EXCLUDE 030613 People who have NOT let-go-of and/or NOT come to recognize the common (like) roots of the following common (frequent) realities --- are rarely able (qualified) to respond to the following realities in helpful (effective) ways: 1. Defensiveness, 2. Insecurity, 3. Being-Offensive, 4. Being-Domineering, 5. Narcissism, 6. Necrophilia, 7. Egocentricity, 8. Paranoia, 9. Tension, 10. Contentiousness, 11. Fearfulness, 12. Anxiety, 13. Exclusivity, 14. Arrogance, 15. Self-Righteousness, 16. Addictions, 17. Alienation, 18. Excommunications, 19. Evil-Relationships, 20. Perfectionism. People who are victims of the above realities (as sinners) commonly (frequently) respond-to-each-other in the ways which are described by the above words. They (the people) frequently (commonly) cannot see, understand, transcend or subvert (turn over) what troubles: 1. Them, 2. Their-relationships within-themselves, AND 3. Their-relationships with each-other's-neighbor whom-they-encounter within the diverse ways (paths) of their diverse-and-yet-convergent faith-journeys. They (the people) turn-to-simplistic-ways of trying to deal with the above pointed to realities which trouble-them and turn-them-over in disorienting (dizzying) ways. Simplistic ways of responding to complex realities are not helpful ways of responding to the complex realities; or to the roots of the complex realities. Pretending otherwise (in collusive ways) is not a helpful way of responding to any part (or to the whole) of the messy circumstances which we find ourselves to be together with each other. We need to help each other to see and understand the nature of and the roots of our complexes of imperfect- relationships. We also need to help each other to work cooperatively on helping each other to improving-our- RELATIONSHIPS with each-other-neighbor-in-need. s can domineering people become welcomed, meaningful, significant, and fulfilled participants? 1. Domineering people are unwilling to take the great risks which are involved in being truly open, honest, intimate and vulnerable with truly creative people. For this reason domineering people cannot become meaningfully involved in such relationships. 2. True-lovers are unwilling to see their personal and communal integrities sacrificed upon the alters of idolatrous domineering people --- when there is no prudent hope that their sacrifice will lead to changes in the hearts, minds or life-styles of domineering people. For this reason domineering people cannot become meaningfully involved in intimate relationships with domineering people or to learn about intimate relationships among true -lovers in any meaningful way. 3. Domineering people are threatened by being aware of how true-lovers violate the prime directives of "The Domination System" in most aspects of their lives. True -lovers ARE willing to take prudent risks to promote openness, honesty, intimate dialogue, personal integrations, and communal integrations. Domineering people are unwilling to take even cautiously prudent risks --- and certainly not in ways which undermine the ways that "The Domination System" works to undermine: openness, honesty, intimate dialogue, personal integrations and communal integrations! It is thus difficult for domineering people to truly know about how true loves find meaning, fulfillment and health in the ways that they do. 4. Domineering people are prone to try to be in control of any activity within which they are involved. They cannot truly control the course of evolution of any truly meaningful and significant personal relationships --- so they must choose between destroying through controls --- the course of evolution of any personal relationships toward being truly meaningful and significant; and letting go of their preoccupation with controls --- and thereby stop being domineering people. For the above reasons people who continue to be domineering people --- are usually ignorant of and out- of-touch with lovers who have managed to avoid being sucked into the paradigm of domineering people. Controllers seek to achieve security at the expense of vulnerable people who know true security as the freedom to be safely vulnerable within sanctuary communities which are free of the destructive efforts of domineering people. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================