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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %UNTIE GORDIAN KNOTS PATTERNS INHUMAN BEHAVIORS SIN 030609 %MERIT REVERENCE RESPECT HONOR SUPPORT UNDERMINE IT 030609 %THOU BUBER PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES PUNISHED 030609 %VULNERABLE DISOBEDIENCE EXCOMMUNICATE REJECTION GO 030609 %COERCIVE VIOLENCE DISHONESTY PRETENSE DECEPTION 030609 %ARROGANCE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ALIENATED EXCOMMUNICATION 030609 The following patterns of human behaviors do NOT merit our reverence, respect, honor or support --- because they undermine many kinds of personal and communal integrities: 1. Domineering people's threats to punish vulnerable people for disobedience/non-conformity by means of: a. Excommunicating the vulnerable people from them; i.e., from the domineering people. b. Rejection, banishment or ridicule of vulnerable people --- by the domineering people. c. Withholding from the vulnerable people --- merited honors, respect, rewards, and advantages. 2. Domineering people's coercive/violent self- serving uses of: a. Dishonesty, pretense and deception. b. Self-righteous demands and commandments. 3. Arrogant pre-scriptions and pro-scriptions combined with disdain toward accurate de- scriptions of the consequences of what they do. a. Appearances of superiority on their part. b. Denigrations of vulnerable people of all kinds. c. The enslavement of vulnerable people by domineering people. d. Taxing many poor people in ways which lead rich people to become even richer as the poor people are led to become poorer, sicker, less well informed and more vulnerable. 4. Communal patterns of behavior which promote and maintain: a. Confusion regarding the difference between "good" and "evil" relationships between/among people of all kinds. b. Ignorance relating to the essential foundations for personal-communal integrity-health. c. Ignorance regarding natural-descriptive-laws --- as compared to the arbitrary, capricious and prejudicial laws of domineering people. d. Prejudices treated as truths which are never to be questioned nor shown to be wrong by any kind of demonstrations by true-lovers who transcend the prejudices that appear to be holy and/or sacred. e. Collusive games of mutual self deception. f. Addictions and codependent supporters of them. g. "The Domination System" revered and treated as if IT were God revealed in the "I-It" mode of being in relationships. h. The notions that sexual relationships and pleasures are inherently evil and should be minimize and/or avoided if at all possible. i. Personal relationships of: alienation, estrangement, distrust, resentment, suspicion and mis-understanding. j. Anger and desires for "sweet revenge". k. Unjust disparities maintained by the most powerful people to maintain "superior" levels of personal: honor, respect, wealth and advantages. l. Vulnerable people who are made to feel diverse forms of guilt, shame, and/or low self-esteem --- "on cue" --- for failing to be loyal supporters of "The Domination System" and its most favored "servants". m. Perverse domineering people's narcissistic substitutes for repressed honest sexual pleasures; e.g., substitutes enjoyed by mean- people who take-advantage of, and sexually- abuse poor-people --- who have in-ignorance made the mistake of making themselves vulnerable to domineering people --- to try to please them --- when the domineering people were NOT seeking any authentic/honest form of intimacy --- but presented themselves as doing so with arrogant authority. n. Public and private patterns of addiction (and codependent support of addictions) wherein participants depend upon taking advantage of and abusing each other's particular forms of and points of vulnerability --- and/or "needs" for a "fix" related to their various addictions --- which may involve mixtures of: drugs, alcohol, sexuality, work, achievements, honors, pride, roles, scripts, etc. o. Disrespect for true-lovers who see-through the above confusing and misleading patterns of arrogance and deceit. Of prime importance is discovering and clarifying how true-lovers can best approach the issues raised above --- and so how best to approach personal the people who are entrapped in the webs of disabling conflicts pointed to by the above considerations. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================