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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %UNREASONABLE BELIEF CONVICTION HOLY SACRED LAWS 030521 %COMMANDMENT SENSIBLE COMMON EXPERIENCE DEMONSTRATE 030521 %INTEGRITY POWER CONCENTRATION CORRUPTION ACCEPTED 030521 %AUTHORITY INSTITUTION COMMUNION COMMUNICATIONS SEX 030521 %REGULATE CONTROL COURTSHIP SEDUCTION DISCERNMENT 030521 %DOMINATION SYSTEM ANALYSIS PUBLIC DIALOGUE TALKING 030521 Is it reasonable, or unreasonable, to believe that holy/sacred commandments should make sense in human experiences; i.e., demonstrate a high level of integrity and the power to integrate --- to promote integrity --- within our own personal lives? Is it reasonable, or unreasonable, to believe that we should accept uncritically --- what has been presented to us "on authority" --- as sacred/holy commandments? Might such commandments have been presented to us by "The Domination System"? Has that ever happened? If so, how often has such a presentation occurred? How can we know? Who can know? Who can say? "The Domination System" is in the enduring business of trying to regulate/control the: discernment, articulation, sharing, repression, suppression and clarification OF DIVERSE FORMS OF KNOWLEDGE ABOUT our diverse relationships; and KNOWLEDGE WHICH FLOWS FROM within our diverse relationships. We can suggest/point- to the nature of such diverse forms of knowledge by using words such as: Cosmology Mythology Theology Rituals Confessions Legalities Judgments Finances Stock-Markets Business-Plans Visions Fantasies Hopes Expectations Desires Personal-worth Personal-wealth Self-Esteem Excommunications Isolations Healings Because human sexuality has played a central role in the evolution and survival of the human race and humane relationships --- it is not surprising that much attention is focused upon managing/controlling the risks and benefits of expressions of human sexuality. Where power is involved --- "The Domination System" is bound to be involved! "The Domination System" is therefor in the business of trying to manage/regulate/control the discernment, articulation, sharing, repression, suppression and clarification of many kinds of knowledge about human sexuality; and flowing from within SEXUAL: Fantasies Dreams Experiences Insights Rituals Confessions Psychology Addictions Collusions Pleasures Courtships Technologies Images Pictures Statues Movies Videos Web-sites Counselors Couples Coupling Triangles Swappers Swingers Groups Education Intimacies Abuse Conflict Contests Prostitution Pornography Dis-Ease Diseases Embarrassment Repression Suppression Alienation Estrangement Judgments Explorations Experiments Repose Acceptance Rejections Mutuality Balance Extremism Violence Coercion Possibilities Impossibilities Improbabilities Glances Body-language Touches Fulfillment As it becomes clearer that domineering supporters of "The Domination System" are NOT dedicated to, supportive of, or facilitating personal/communal integrities and/or integrations --- domineering supporters lose their: honor, respect, credibility, support and power to dominate. It becomes clear that their motives and motivations are dysfunction, disintegrative, and not what they say that they are. How are we to know when it will be helpful and/or NOT-HELPFUL to facilitate, repress, suppress, or publish --- open and honest dialogues about humane and inhumane contemporary experiences related to the above? Which efforts are rooted in Love? Which efforts are rooted in "The Domination System"? How can we tell? Who can we tell? Who will tell? Whom will we tell? It is a puzzle, a Gordian** Knot! On what authority is anything to be done? What Meta-Knowledge, Meta-Principles, Meta-Visions, Meta-Revelations, Meta-Ideals, etc. can reliably guide us so that we may transcend our own individual/cultural biases, collusions, limitations; transcend "The Domination System", and fulfill the possibilities of True-Honest- Gentle-Love within our own relationships with each-other? We need to be concerned about the biases and the dominations of: greed, egocentricity, narcissism, ethnocentricty, our culture, our religion, our profession, and many other power centers. The enemies of personal and communal integrity are many. No one of them is by itself trustworthy to serve as the true defender against all of the others. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================