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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %IDOLATROUS ULTIMATE CONCERNS DOMINEERING LIMITED 030507 %FEW EXCLUSIVE IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLE INVULNERABLE 030507 %SECURITY ELIMINATE THREATS CORE GANG FEELING GOOD 030507 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES HEALTH LEARN OPEN 030507 %EXPERIENCE MISTAKE COOPERATION Colaboration LOVER 030507 %ATTACK GOSSIP PUNISH SULK PRETEND RESTRICT STEAL 030507 %ARROGATE IMPRISON GRUDGE STEAL DESTROY NUCLEAR WAR 030507 Domineering people are preoccupied with a very limited number of considerations which are their ultimate concerns --- to the exclusion of many other complementary considerations: Some of their Ultimate Concerns: 1. Being secure through always being invulnerable. 2. Unilaterally identifying and eliminating threats. 3. Being faithful to the exclusive core-gang. 4. Feeling-good about self/exclusive-core-gang. Some Excluded Complementary Considerations: 1. Communal integrities and health, 2. Personal integrities and health, 3. Learning through open & honest dialogue, 4. Learning from personal experiences and mistakes, 5. Facilitating cooperation and collaboration, 6. Responding prudently to environmental changes, 7. Colaboration in systems-analyses of environments, 8. Evolving conceptual frameworks and paradigms, 9. Why arrogance & self-righteousness are evil, 10. Why isolation/alienation are dysfunctional, 11. Why meanings of people/symbols are contextual, 12. The importance of hospitality and generosity, 13. The importance of reverence and civility, 14. The importance of unconditional dialogue, 15. Resistance which is non-coercive/non-violent, 16. Acknowledging complexity in our relationships, 17. Acknowledging our human limits/limitations, 18. Acknowledging "different" people's rights, 19. Acknowledging unintended consequences/costs, 20. Acknowledging all paradigms' limits/limitations, 21. The interdependence of individuals & relations, 22. Evil as residing in dysfunctional relationships, 23. Why collusions are tragically dysfunctional, 24. Why addictions are tragically dysfunctional, 25. Why codependent supporters are dysfunctional, 26. Why "The Domination System" is dysfunctional, 27. Why victims support the above exclusivities, 28. Why victims are blind to the above exclusivities, 29. Why we resist dealing with the above, 30. How to transcend/subvert the above exclusivities. The style of the responses of domineering people to events, circumstances and other people --- are often dysfunctional in the following kinds of ways: 1. Attack 12. Gossip 23. Punish 2. Sulk 13. Pretend 24. Restrict 3. Flight 14. Arrogate 25. Imprison 4. Grudge 15. Steal 26. Destroy 5. Resent 16. Dominate 27. Repress 6. Revenge 17. Control 28. Suppress 7. Sabotage 18. Contend 29. Vulnerate 8. Conspire 19. Object 30. Confuse 9. Collude 20. Reject 31. Ensnare 10. Entrap 21. Coerce 32. Repress 11. Suppress 22. Bully 33.Seduce The above kinds of responses do not promote or facilitate personal or communal integrities --- and instead lead people into personal and communal disintegrations; including their own disintegrations through failures to function in their own long-term best interests. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================