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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %CONTENTIOUS DOMINEERING NON-VIOLENT PEOPLE UNABLE+030418 %DISCERN CONTRASTING AFFIRMATIONS COMPLEMENTARY GOD+030418 %SIMILAR EQUIVALENT INTERDEPENDENT ESSENTIAL WHOLE+030418 %TRAGICALLY ABSENT HONEST LOVERS AFFIRMATION DEVIL+030418 %FORMULATIONS MECHANICS DESCRIPTIVE LAWS PHYSICS+030418 %NEWTON EINSTEIN SCHRODINGER DIRAC QUANTUM WAVES 030418 Contentious and domineering people are often unable to discern the ways in which apparently contrasting affirmations are: 1. Similar, 2. Complementary, 3. Equivalent, 4. Inter-dependent, 5. Essential parts of a coherent whole, 6. Well affirmed by honest-lovers, 7. Well respected by successful people, 8. Tragically absent from their lives. The following long passage about some relatively technical issues is placed here to speak to the above issues which trouble many people who are not technically oriented. It is hoped that readers with bear with the details so that they can understand an important point that can be made by the examples presented below. There is within the tightly disciplined works of physicists a very interesting example of how a variety of apparently different affirmations --- are similar, complementary, equivalent, inter-dependent, essential parts of a coherent whole, well affirmed by honest-lovers, well respected by successful people AND tragically absent from the lives of the vast majority of humans. The variety of apparently different affirmations include the following: 1. Newton's three laws of motion stated in sentences such as: a. An object in motion or at rest will continue in its translational (or rational) state of motion (or ANGULAR VELOCITY) or rest --- unless there is a NET OUTSIDE FORCE (or TORQUE) which acts upon the one object. b. The ACCELERATION of an object whose state of rest or motion (VELOCITY) changes, is PROPORTIONAL in size, to the size of the NET OUTSIDE FORCE which acts upon the one object; is INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the object's MASS; and the ACCELERATION is in the DIRECTION of the NET OUTSIDE FORCE which acts upon the one object. c. Whenever object "A" exerts a force on object "B" --- object "B" exerts a force of the same NATURE and size upon object "A"; which force is exactly in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the direction of the force of object "A" on object "B" --- so that the NET FORCE of the two objects upon each other adds VECTORIALLY to zero. The above three lettered statements are coherent and make sense only within the context of a common understanding of the specialized terms: "MASS", "FORCE", "TORQUE", "NET FORCE", "ACCELERATION", "STATE-OF-MOTION", "VELOCITY", "PROPOR- TIONAL TO", "INVERSELY-PROPORTIONAL-TO", "DIRECTION" and "VECTORIALLY". Many physics students who pass introductory physics courses do NOT truly understand the above and/or the implications of the above. The above three lettered statements are often expressed in the mathematical language of algebra; often written in the following kind of way: Net-F-on-m = m - (a-of-m) with little arrows over "F" & "a"; or just F = ma Force-of-m1-on-m2 = Negative-of-Force-of-m2-on-m1 of just F12 = - F21 2. The above affirmations have been expressed equivalently in what is called "The LAGRANGIAN FORMULATION of Mechanics"; a set of a few equations with associated conventions about how the equations are to be used. Rigorous mathematical proofs show that the NEWTONIAN FORMULATION of Mechanics and the LAGRANGIAN FORMULATION of Mechanics are totally equivalent to each other in what they affirm and imply. 3. In like manner the above has been reformulated in what is known as the "HAMILTONIAN FORMULATION of Mechanics; another set of equations which look quite different" but which can be shown through rigorous mathematical proofs to be totally equivalent to what the above two formulations of mechanics affirm and imply. 4. Albert Einstein in brilliant ways generalized the above understandings to accommodate situations which entailed: a. Speeds close to the speed of light; in his SPECIAL THEORY of RELATIVITY. b. Very large masses and very large distances; in his GENERAL THEORY of RELATIVITY. c. Quanta of electromagnetic radiation as particles with mass as per: E = mc-squared where E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light. (Einstein's theory of the Photo- electric Effect) 4. To deal with the strange ways in which tiny things like electrons, protons and neutrons and other elementary particles behave; it was necessary to create some additional formulations of mechanics which encompass the above formulations in what is affirmed and implied; but which empower physicists to describe new "quantum- mechanics-realms' of reality; e.g., often at the level of the size of the atom and smaller. 5. DeBroglie and Schrodinger in brilliant ways showed physicists the way into other generalizations by which particles were recognized as having wave-lengths related to their linear-momentum/kinetic-energies/rest- masses and described by a startling different set of equations which describe inter-particle relationships at the sizes of atoms and smaller --- yet in an abstract sense encompassing all formulations which had come before. This generalization is often referred to as the "SCHRODINGER FORMULATION of QUANTUM MECHANICS". 6. P.A.M. Dirac in another brilliant way re- formulated the above through the use of MATRIX-ALGEBRA and succeeded in integrating the works of Einstein, DeBroglie and Schrodinger into what is now called the DIRAC FORMULATION which encompasses in a very abstract way all that had gone before. 7. Stephen Hawking made additional contributions by addressing the nature of BLACK HOLES and of the COSMOS AS A WHOLE --- the cosmos as a whole being in a sense the inside of a comprehensive black hole which comprises all that we can ever know anything about --- but which has not existed eternally and may not continue to exist eternally in its present form. Time, space and matter seem NOT to have existed eternally! Where then are God and His Heaven? How are the above globally-well-confirmed- integrities-of-scientists to be integrated with the affirmations of the religious-leaders and political- leaders in the evolving relationships among the diverse members of the comprehensive crew of Space-Ship-Earth? Might some of the above affirmations be fully integrated with each other as the crew of Space-Ship-Earth comes to recognize the ways in which their affirmations are: 1. Similar, 2. Complementary, 3. Equivalent, 4. Inter-dependent, 5. Essential parts of a coherent whole, 6. Well affirmed by honest-lovers, 7. Well respected by successful people, 8. Tragically absent from their lives. Such integrations will not occur so long as the members of Space-Ship-Earth are compulsively focused upon why they should NOT trust each other because of their DIFFERENCES. How can people of integrity grow in influence and power within contexts which lack integrity? Are they to fight for power and influence on the terms presented by domineering people? How can they do that --- without surrendering to domineering people ---by themselves becoming domineering people? How can they truly resist domineering people in non-violent and non-coercive ways? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================