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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %TYPE THREATS ATTACK PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES 030220 %CHALLENGE OCCASIONAL ACCIDENT INTENTIONAL TRAGIC 030220 %NATURAL CAUSE EFFECT DISASTERS INDIFFERENT HUMANE 030220 %CHAOS CHAOTIC EARTHQUAKE VOLCANIC STORM INTENTION 030220 %INTENTIONAL DESTRUCTIVE INTENDED TRAGEDIES GREEK 030220 %DOMINATION SYSTEM EVIL RELATIONSHIP POWER CORRUPT 030220 Not all threats to personal and communal integrity are of like kind, or of equal challenge, to integrity. Some threats are intentional, systemic and profound. Others threats are occasional and/or accidental. Some threats are evil and/or tragic. Others threats are indifferent and/or chaotic. #1. Natural-disasters are occasional, accidental and indifferent to humane considerations; e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, thunder- storms, snow-storms, etc. They demonstrate NO: intentionality, systemic-evil or malice. They are often terribly destructive --- but they are never tragic in the sense of yielding effects which are the opposites of intended effects; as in Greek tragic dramas. There is no intent in such threats. #2. In-contrast-to-the-above Type #1 Threats; there are other systemic, intentional and tragic threats to both personal and communal integrities. These Type #2 Threats are rooted in the sinister designs of the "Powers-That-Be" that are organized by "The-Domination-System". Type #2 Threats are NOT: accidental, chaotic or indifferent to humane considerations. They are systemic-threats-by- design --- intended to undermine humane considerations; e.g. to undermine: grace, reconciliation, health, healing, sanctuaries, honesty, balance, openness, mutuality, truth, clarity, revelations, discernment, visions, trust, faith, hope, lovers and Love. We need to recognize the motivations and designs of Type #2 Threats --- before we can be truly effective in: understanding, transcending and subverting --- the double binds and constraints which Type #2 Threats place upon our: discernment, thinking, prayers, meditations, hopes, visions and revelations. Systemic Type #2 Threats are focused by and designed- to-protect "The-Powers-That-Be" and the "Addictive- Organizations" of "The-Domination-System" --- at the expense of whatever and whomever is NOT working loyally in the service "The Domination System". Type #2 Threats are often tragically-dependent-upon: dishonesty, collusions, domination, coercion, violence, threats, confusion, ignorance, dis-ease, contentiousness, terror, fears, militarism, judgementalism, legalism, perfec- tionism, prejudice, purity-codes, exclusivity, enemies, power-concentrations and technocracies. In extreme cases, Type #2 Threats depend upon weapons-of-mass- destruction-and-disintegration --- used by private, quasi- religious, and governmentally sponsored/ supported terrorists. Avoidance is an effective strategy for dealing with Type #1 Threats; but avoidance is tragically counter- productive in dealing with Type #2 Threats. In dealing with Type #1 Threats it is wise and prudent to stay away from the danger zones of volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and regular/major storms; and to defend oneself against the eventuality of their destructive forces. AVOIDANCE of Type #1 Threats is prudent and wise. When confronted with Type #2 Threats --- AVOIDANCE and REJECTION lead to ALIENATION and MISUNDERSTANDING; and so to increases in Type #2 Threats. With Type #2 Threats --- avoidance is counter-productive! We need to beware of responding to Type#2 threats --- as if they are Type #1 threats; and vice-versa. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================