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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS FRIENDSHIP INTIMACIES SEXUAL+030102 %BOTH MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE DICHOTOMOUS ALIENATED SIN+030102 %SELF EACH OTHER PERSON EVIL COERCIVE VIOLENT WARS+030102 %NONCONFORMITY DOMINATION GOOD INTEGRITIES LOVERS+030102 %GRACIOUS PEACEMAKERS ATTACK DESTROY GUNS BOMBERS+030102 %OVERALL PATTERNS THEORY PARADIGMS VISION SYSTEMS 030102 To the extent that our human relationships, friendships and intimacies are BOTH mutually-exclusive/dichotomous --- to such an extent we become alienated from EACH OTHER person within our exclusive communities --- and so our relationships are evil, coercive and violent. Alienation is the essence of evil. Non-conformity is NOT the essence of evil. Domination is NOT the essence of goodness. To the extent that our human relationships, friendships and intimacies facilitate and promote BOTH our personal AND communal integrities --- to such an extent we become well-integrated with EACH OTHER person within our extended and mutually inclusive communities --- and so we become lovers and peacemakers who graciously resolve conflicts among our complementary ideals, values, principles and goals --- in ways which bear freely-shared sweet- fruits for all to enjoy together in Love. At the dichotomous extremes --- our communities are characterized by: LOVE EVIL LOVERS WARRIORS TRUST SUSPICION HONESTY ARROGANCE OPENNESS SECRECY HUMILITY SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS GENTLENESS VIOLENCE LIBERATION COERCION GENEROSITY GREED SHARING HOARDING INTEGRATION DESTRUCTION COHERENCE CHAOS COOPERATION CONTENTIOUSNESS INCLUSIVITY EXCLUSIVITY ACCEPTANCE REJECTION DIALOGUES EXCOMMUNICATIONS HEALING DIS-EASE RECONCILIATION ALIENATION UNDERSTANDING PREJUDICE CONSIDERATION BIAS MUTUALITY COMMANDMENTS COVENANTS DEMANDS BALANCE EXTREMISM BUILDERS TERRORISTS INTEGRATORS BOMBERS PHYSICIANS GUNNERS GIVERS ROBBERS INTIMACIES OBJECTIONS PLEASURE PAIN FELLOWSHIP ALIENATION FRIENDSHIPS ESTRANGEMENT FRIENDS ENEMIES CONFIDENCES DOUBTS DISTRIBUTIONS DISPARITIES DIALOGUES MONOLOGUES LISTENING BROADCASTING DISCERNING TELLING FACILITATORS MANAGERS LIBERATORS CONTROLLERS PROMOTERS DENIGRATORS HEALERS KILLERS CONFIDENCE FEAR COMMUNION DIS-UNION COMPASSION INDIFFERENCE VULNERABILITY INVULNERABILITY SECURITY DEFENSIVENESS NEIGHBORLINESS DEFENSES GIVING TAKING SAFETY INSECURITY HEALTH DISEASE RELAXATION ILL-AT-EASE RESTORATION DISINTEGRATION REST TENSION SERENITY PREOCCUPATIONS PRAYER ADDICTION INTERDEPENDENCE DEPENDENCE FRIENDSHIPS GOALS RELATIONSHIPS ACHIEVEMENTS PROCESS PERFECTION JOURNEY DESTINATION INTEGRATION PURITY COOPERATION SEGREGATION SHALOM WARS We need to attend to the overall patterns-among- characteristics which are associated with the attitudes, assumptions, beliefs and convictions that motivate and guide our dichotomous communities. Isolated characteristics are not as significant and meaningful as are the coherent patters among the inter-related characteristics. The BIG-PICTURE is what counts. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================